Our Sex Shows were Popular

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

First we did not film our guests how they were excitedly sitting on our couch and watched us fucking. The marathon masturbators liked our shows to jerk off on them, while the normal visitors mainly showed their excitement by getting glassy eyes.

Nevertheless after William or I were done, they were eager to quickly pay the women we just fucked for their own sexual needs. So normally Vanta already knew once we were done that her real work just started. She went from visitor to visitor and blew him, while everyone else was watching.

We were often asked when we were doing a show as many men particular wanted to visit us for a show. So we started to plan the shows at a time where most clients could come. Soon our clients also became part of our shows. As our clients were also interested to see what our visitors were doing during those shows, we filmed one of the marathon mastorbators how he jerked off during William fucked my wife.

The guest was wearing a mask to stay anonymous and I filmed him how he first softly touched her body while she stood in front of him. Then she sat down on his penis while she was still wearing her skirt. The guy moaned how she slowly massaged his wiener with her bum, then his hands went around her body and played with her breasts.

It looked very erotic. Then she stood up and slowly undressed while she was standing directly in front of him. His hand heavily jerked his dick full of excitement. The guy was developing great sexual energy that floated his body. When my wife pulled off her underwear she threw it to him. Happily he catched it and immediately smelled at it. Once Vanta was naked she continued posing for him.

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