Sex Party with the U.S. Army

From a drug party to a sex party within a few seconds. Suddenly there were so many hands and so many penises that she didn’t know what to focus on first. She touched a penis, then a face, then a belly, and then only penises. She jerked with both hands on two dicks but there were still many desperate sticks pointing to her.

She went down on her knees and a black guy pushed this penis into her mouth. From there on she lost control. She sucked and jerked whatever she could do and let the rest just happen. She was in the middle of a circle and went from one dick to the next dick. The American music still played in the background. The party was still going on. It just had advanced.

Then one guy just took her and carried her to the bed. By then she realized that she had to handle all 6 men by herself. Da knew she was sexually strong and the drugs helped her furthermore. Also, she felt safe as Rem was still in the room and she wanted to prove herself to him. So she kneed on the bed in the doggy style and waited for the dicks to come.

And they came, into her mouth and into her pussy. Not in an aggressive way. No, the men were as stoned as Da and took things really easy. She knew already that gang bangs are nasty and dirty but make her earn much more. By then she was already so stoned that she could just let it happen.

The Americans came with their hard dicks and fucked her. She was moaning and let herself go. She was wet but anyhow the men often used their saliva to make her wetter again. The First 2 or 3 men were together with her on the bed. Later they changed and only one man was fucking her on the bed.

For a while, she was just lying on her back getting fucked by a guy missionary. Suddenly she realized Rem next to her who held a bottle of beer on her lips which she had to drink to avoid spoiling it on the bed. She emptied the bottle, realizing how thirsty she was. Rem just watched her, took his joint that he was keeping between his lips, pushed it into her mouth, and said “good girl” to her.

While she smoked the joint the men who fucked her exchanged. She just looked to the ceiling, stoned herself further with the drug, and let the men enjoy themselves with her pussy. It went on half of the night only that the men lost increasingly their power. When she went for the shower she saw the men who fucked her laying around, sleeping, or being fully stoned.

Her body was shaking full of exhaustion. Rem drove her home that night and before she went to her parents’ house he handled a big bundle of dollar bills to her. Da could sleep soon but be dreaming about the gangbang. She felt like in a delirium of sex and drugs.

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