Our Guests wanted to Watch

“Fat Man: I highly recommend TukTuk Patrol”

With an increasing popularity of our private bar we faced the challenge to have more men wanting to have sex with my wife. Especially in the large expat community of Pattaya my apartment became famous. Every day and night expats visited us to get a beer and watch my porn movies.

Hereby the day time was very popular as well. Many expats men had difficulties to leave home at night as their wives got suspicious. So they visited us during the day. Once they were sitting on our couch, enjoyed their beer and consumed my porn movies, they were a defenceless victim for my wife. She seduced almost everyone in this situation.

Normally our visitors ended up with a blow job as this was price wise the best offer Vanta had to provide. Fucking her was much more expensive as she could please unlimited men with her mouth but limited men with her pussy. Additionally expats didn’t had a room in our hotel, so they couldn’t bar fine my wife to fuck her privately in their room. They could fuck her in our apartment but only few of them liked it and preferred the cheaper blow job.

I thought about and discussed it with some of our visitors. Mainly they loved to watch and satisfy their voyeurism. Fucking was fine as well but they thought it was to short to spend that much money. It seemed to me that the shows were in the centre of future developments of the bar as voyeurism was a key need of our clients.

Also it fitted well to the movies I created and so recording our shows was very popular with our guests. My friend William and me had anyway sexual needs and so it was an easy step to have sex with my wife or other women working at the bar while we had some guests watching us.

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