Sick Bastard: Lake Fishing with Vanta (1/3)

Listen to: Sick Bastard: Lake Fishing with Vanta (1/3)

Sick Bastard, 4 of his friends, Vanta, and I went to a lake for fishing. We left Pattaya when it was still dark and arrived at the lake when the sun was rising. As I could see in the movies Sick BAstsard gave to me, he and his friends love to gang bang women. I saw again and again how he and his body gang banged women. They are always a group of 5-6 men and they only bring one woman. They visit a beach, check into a hotel or play pool billiard. They make a picture at the beginning of the trip where one woman can be seen in the middle of a group of men. They still wear cloth, drink beer and just have fun. Soon the sex starts. They do everything. couple sex, threesome, or gang bangs. Whatever they like to do. The woman gets fucked a lot and gets paid well for that. Sick Bastard and his friends always use a new woman for their party. They are joking and telling the woman that she will never forget them. The women do it for the money and get fucked for hours.

Men orgasm several times and every drop of semen is collected in the condoms. They normally use a bowl to collect the condoms. In the pictures, you can see how the juice is dropping out of the condoms and building a lake of semen to the bottom of the bowl. When every man is done with sex, Sick Bastard takes the bowl and pours it of the woman. For the pervert, this is like an art. He takes care that every drop is on the woman’s skin. He puts in on her hair, face, breasts, belly, and everywhere else he likes it. Also, the used condoms are placed on the body. For the sick man, it is like creating a piece of art and after he is done, he takes pictures.

Many women I saw in his porn collection were showing their faces, others covered them after they were naked. Sick Bastard had a professional camera for those pictures, He didn’t care much about the fucking pictures. He focused on the group picture at the beginning, where everyone was still wearing cloth, and on the cum pictures at the end. Where the woman is covered in cum and used condoms. He collects those women in real photo albums. So he prints out those pictures and sticks them into a physical album. On the top is the name of the lady, below it is the group picture, and below that are the cum pictures. He had collected hundreds of women like that love the year.

His friends adore him and do everything he tells them to do. They are also discussed by his perverted way to treat women, but on the other side, they feel also excited about it. They love the spectacle and are proud to be part of it. There must be also hundreds of his friends who participated in his sex parties over the years. He frequently exchanges them once they are not hungry enough for him.

This time it’s Vanta’s time. We arrived at the lake, at a very basic camp. Actually, there are only some old plastic chairs around a fireplace next to the lake. Everybody is tired and so we gather first around the fireplace and have coffee. There is no fire burning as the sun is already up and it is warm enough already. Sick Bastards is building up the stative and his camera. It’s time for the group pictures. 6 men and Vanta are sitting on plastic chairs and having coffee. Everyone is still tired. One by one the men leave after they finished their coffee. They take their fishing row and disappear to the lake. One of SB’s friends stays with us and watches how SB prepares Vanta. My wife has to undress completely until she is fully naked. Then SB takes oil and pours it all over her body.

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