Sick Bastard: Welcome to Pattaya Party at his apartment with Katy (2/2)

They turned him in a doggy-style position on the couch, so she could bend over one man’s dick and suck him, while the other guy could eat her pussy. After a while, they turned Katy around so that the other man had her mouth or her pussy. Then the fucking started. The guy who was eating her pussy, just put a condom on and started fucking her from behind, while she still bent over the other man’s penis and sucked him. The guy who fucked her came very fast and Sb directed him to throw his used condom on a bowl on the couch table. Now the men exchanged, but Katy stayed in her position. She got fucked from behind by different men and blew other exchanging men, who were sitting in front of her.

Listen to: Sick Bastard: Welcome to Pattaya Party at his apartment with Katy (2/2)

Sick Bastard occurred again and put plenty of lubricant on Katy’s pussy and ass. Then he fucked her in the ass. Katy moaned loudly. SB took control of the situation. He commanded everybody as he with. He sat in the middle of the couch and two men next to him. Katy was riding the three men on the couch with her pussy and her asshole. Sometimes you could see her front side and sometimes her backside. This was exhausting to her. She got out of breath and started to sweat. After a while, she couldn’t move up and down anymore. The men just placed her on the couch. Laying on her back the men could continue to fuck her missionary. Later they turned her into a doggy-style position again. Men came and threw their used condoms into the bowl.

After the men fucked, they rested. Katy was always busy with a dick. Once every man had come, one of the visitors sat down on the couch again. he had rested enough and asked Katy to suck his dick hard. His penis was still soft, but after a few minutes, he was hard enough to fuck again. They put her again in the doggy-style position so that one man could fuck her from behind, while the second man gets sucked by her. Even the position was the same, everybody was much more relaxed now. Katy had a loud orgasm and the men talked about that pussy juice was running out of her pussy.

This time they filled all her holes. She was riding one dick with her pussy, while another dick was fucking her from behind. A third dick was standing in front of her and fucked her mouth. Katy sweat and her hairs were totally wet. Altogether they fucked her for more than 2 hours. For some time every one of her holes was filed and she was fucked very hard. Sometimes, she did it with two guys and sometimes only with one. But she was always fucked. When she only served one fucked, she was even relaxing. Those were her quiet times. She also had another beer or smoked cigarettes while the other guys were busy with her pussy. Her pussy and ass were always wet like a waterfall. The guys used plenty of lubricants and she also orgasmed. Her pussy worked and didn’t care which dick was fucking her. She created sexual energy with every dick that visited her. For Katy’s pussy and ass two exciting hours passed and then suddenly the dicks didn’t get hard anymore. They had enough. They were satisfied.

The only thing that remained from the dicks was their juice. In the bowl on the couch table was plenty of cum. Again the artist came to start with his art. Like painting a painting, Sick bastard poured cum on Katy’s body. Katy herself didn’t care anymore. She was totally exhausted. When Sb asked her to open her mouth, she followed. He placed the open end of a used condom inside her mouth and asked her to close it again. The condom hand down her mouth like a long and dirty tang. All other 5 men watched him full of fascination and disgust. Sick Bastard smiled like a little boy when he was done. He then returned to the camera to make his final shot.

Sick Bastard was right with one thing. He said that Fat Man would jerk off on the video the gang made with Katy. I got so hard editing the movie that I had to jerk off most of the time. I truly admire his art and I am thankful that he shares it with me.

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