Sick Bastard: Welcome to Pattaya Party at his apartment with Katy (1/2)

After my wife Vanta was subject to Sick Bastards Lake Fishing Party, he doesn’t want to book her anymore. Even Vanta would have been interested, Sick Bastard and his gang always preferred fresh meat. So they were always looking for new models they could you in their special way. Naturally, I promoted Katy as the next model. She was my girlfriend and so I always tried to give her business. Steve dropped her at Sick Bastards apartment as usual. Once she arrived she saw that the party was already going on. There were altogether 6 men in SB’s place.

Listen to: Sick Bastard: Welcome to Pattaya Party at his apartment with Katy (1/2)

Sick Bastard open the door and introduced himself to Katy. Then he introduced two of his friends who he called visitors. They just arrived from Europe and the entire party was help for them. The men were sitting in the living room and were drinking beer. Katy hat to sit between two men on the couch. 6 men and Katy. Sick Bastard prepared for the group picture. Once the picture was taken the men insisted that Katy would strip. She took off all her cloth but kept her underwear. The men went on and insisted now that Katy should drink a beer. Sick Bastard gave her a bottle of beer and told her to drink it at once. Katy followed but had to stop twice to take a breath before she could continue drinking.

Sick Bastard took a photo album from the couch table and opened it. Katy realized that a couple of those photo albums were held by the men who fascinatingly looked into them. SB open the first page of the album and showed it to Katy. First, she realized that someone continued making pictures of her and the scene on the couch. SB had placed the camera on a stative in front of the couch, so everything that was going on on that couch could be filmed. Second, she realized that the first page that SB showed her was a porn scene. On the top of the page was a female name: Wat. Below that name was a picture of a young woman surrounded by 6 men. Sick Bastards explained to Katy that this was the group picture. Like the group picture we just made. He had a big smile when he told me that.

Then he pointed to the picture below the group picture. It showed the same young lady coved in white liquid and old condoms. Sick Bastard shouted “This is what we are going to do to you now. You will never forget us!’. His words were followed by a loud laugh from the entire gang. Katy knew what would happen at Sick Bastards party. Fat Man had told her that. But now the men scared her. SB realized and asked for another beer for her. Once a guy gave her one, Katy happily drank it. This time at once and it helped to relax. “Don’t worry”, Sb went on. He showed her another page. This time the name was Vanta and below the name was a picture of Fat Man’s wife Vanta who was surrounded by 6 men. Katy had to look down and was shocked to see Vanta covered in mud, dirt, and cum. Old condoms were everywhere and some even looked like her earrings.

“Two more things”, Sick Bastards shouted in the room as like a manager is ordering his employees. “First, I am recording that for Fat Man, so the fat guy can jerk off watching us.” Then he pointed to two guys and explained that those were the visitors and were the first to have fun tonight. Sick Bastard left the couch and two men took place next to Katy. The show started with touching and kissing, then went to jerking dicks. Karty was in the middle of both men and held in each hand a dick and jerked both men. The guys played with her body, especially the tits and pussy. Sick Bastard occurred in front of Katy. He had a new bottle of beer and forced Katy to drink it. She stopped jerking for while and focused on swallowing the beer.

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