Sick Bastard: Lake Fishing with Vanta (2/3)

Listen to: Sick Bastard: Lake Fishing with Vanta (2/3)

He explains that the oil is against mosquitos. Being naked and without mosquito protection is too dangerous. Finally, he takes a doggy belt and puts it around Vanta’s through. He takes the other side of the doggy belt and gives it to his friends. Then he gives me his camera and commands me to with a bright smile to take pictures of my wife. Last but not least he gives me a plastic bag and tells me to collect the used condoms from his friends.

SB’s friends take his fishing row in one hand and Vanta’s doggy line in the other and stars move to the lake. Once he arrives at his preferred fishing spot at the lake, he bounds Vanta’s doggy line to a tree. As if he wanted to avoid that she would run away. She wouldn’t also be without the doggy line. But Sick Bastard and his friends love doggy lines and I remember that I have seen them many times in the porn material they made.

Vanta is standing next to the tree and is waiting for the guy. He is preparing his fishing row and lets the bait into the water. He is waiting a few more minutes and watches out if everything is fine. Once he is satisfied with the works he is turning around and watches my wife how she stands naked next to the tree. First, he is massaging his trousers where his penis is. Then he goes to Vanta and pulls down his pants. My wife knees down to suck him. I have made many porn movies of my wife before. But in the wildness, it was new, and was totally excited. The guy asked Vanta to bend over to the tree so he could fuck her standing. They fucked and I was busy making the best shots. The next position was riding. He sat down in the dirt and Vanta climbed over him to ride him. First, she started to moan, and then he did it. He came, Vanta collected his condom and threw it into the plastic bag Sick Bastard gave to me.

I was taking Vant’s dogy line and together we were searching for the next guy. We found him and I handled the line over to him. Vanta complained that she had to pee. He pointed to a place on the floor and “then pee”. For my wife that was easier than she thought because she was already naked. She just had to sit down and let it run. The guy watched her fascinated and pulled her towards him after she had finished her toilet. I had to film more sucking and fucking. Afterward, I brought her to guy 3, who was sitting next to guy 4. They fucked her together. As Vanta was seating from the heat and the sex, her hair and body were totally wet. As the two guys fucked her also missionary and doggy style, she had to lay down on the dirty floor. The sweat from her body and the dirty from the jungle created a moody substance that covered her body now. Dirt was in her hair and all over her body. The guys liked it.

Also Sick Bastard liked it when he saw her. He took most of the time. Not only he is a pervert, but also very good at sex. He can last very long. When Vanta started to moan, he was laughing and told her to moan louder. “Nobody can hear you in the jungle”, he said, and to prove what he just said, he moaned extra loud. So Vanta let it go and hear a voice shout loud and clear whenever Sick Bastard pushed his penis inside her. Once Sb was done he ordered my wife to bring beer to the men. Under no circumstances she should wash.

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