Pattaya Men

Listen to: Pattaya Men

Men have plenty of hobbies. Some men like sport like tennis, soccer or golf. Some like to watch sports and some are actively doing it. Some like movies, some like reading but every man has his hobbies. So do Pattaya Men. They also have their hobbies. But what differences them from other men is that their number 1 hobby is sex.

For them, sex is so important that they build their lives around it. So they either travel to Pattaya to become a temporary Pattaya Man or they even move here to become a permanent Pattaya Man. But they always need it. Either they fuck or they jerk off. Either they date women on a daily basis or they watch porn movies and masturbate.

I met hundreds of them and talked to them before or after my wife blew or fucked them. Those men look for the pure natural hobby of men before other hobbies like sports were invented. They don’t like normal hobbies like taking care of their garden. They like it the way our ancestors liked it – sex, sex, and more sex.

Naturally, this is not only a way men like to live. There would be no Pattaya Men without Pattaya Women, who travel to the city to satisfy those men. Those women made their business out of the men’s natural hobby. Women like my wife Vanta fulfill the filthy wishes that make ordinary office clerks to real men. Those wishes developed in the fantasies of those men while they jerked off on pornography.

Many of them previously denied their dark side. Many of them lived the lives of Mr. Nice Guy. They might even have thought that sex was not important to them anymore and that it just was natural that women were not interested in them anymore as they got older and out of shape.

But then they heard about a place far far away from where all that didn’t matter. Where sex is just traded as anything else and where they could buy sex from almost every woman, even the married ones. They might have started to jerk off on these phantasies or they might have traveled to Pattaya right away. But this is how we all became Pattaya Men.

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