Headline and Moon – Page 32 – Mike’s New Business Model (Noon, Pandra & Angel)

Mike developed a new business model. Before he arranged the meetings of his friends with prostitutes and got kickbacks of the women or some fees from the men. He now invites a selection of his friends and girlfriends to his apartment and charges an entrance fee to all of them. Therefore he provides his apartment, drinks, and some snacks. All his girlfriends are available for cash and all his friends know that. But the business is only arranged between his friends and his girlfriends. In this way, he is legally protected. Also, it helps him to generate some constant flow of income.

Mike’s new business model also has some other advantages. He does not tax his income, as officially he buying the drinks for his friends to have a small party. Nobody cares about this. Additionally, he can invite prostitutes from all of the city to him. This gives him a huge advantage as he has always willing women and a huge variety of them.
As soon he heard that Moon made a porn movie he developed an additional stream of income. He sold her movie to his friends. Many of them had sex with Moon and therefore were interested to have a memory of her. To have sex with Moon became also more pricy since she was making porn movies. So it was popular for men to fuck Moon just once and afford the higher price. Then buy here porn movie and jerk off on it and the memories. To have a virtual Moon at home, was great. The men could use her whenever they wanted, how often they wanted, and for how long they wanted.

His buddy Headline got the Moon’s porn movies for a cheap price. So Mike could get a good profit out of them. Headline also brought him porn movies from other models. He was quite well connected to the industry and supply him well. Together he offers a cool variety of porn movies to his friends.

Noon’s husband got suspicious. He found out that she had too much money. Max is extremely cost-saving and thought it was strange that his wife had so much money despite he hardly gave her one. They argued but could settle it. He now knows that his wife has a sex business going on and receives a share of it. He became the pimp of his own wife. He wants to invest the money so they could be financially independent one day.

Of the 3 Thai wives his sister knew from working at the airport, all three are working for Mike from time to time. The last one, Angel, started as both of her girlfriends did it as well. She is hot and sexy as the other two Thai wives were as well. All three of them were extremely easy to introduce to Mike’s friends and did a great service. They also didn’t hesitated to do dirty stuff. As long the money is O.K., they do it.

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