Headline and Moon – Page 31 – Headline started to like his Cuckold Role

Headline has never thought to make so much money. Ok, actually most of the money was made by his girlfriend. Nevertheless, it excited him. He supported her where that was possible. With two holes she made that much money. With one of the holes, she was pissing, and with another one shitting. So why should he care if other men use her piss and shit hole as long they paid for it? Neither her ass nor her pussy got used up by the dicks who fucked her.
Her porn career also excited him. Yes, the other men mainly made fun of him. He was the cuckold who had to watch how his wife was fucked by real men. But he got paid for it and that mattered. The humiliation was not real, the money was. It was fun to give a shit and make money. If they wanted him to jerk off when his wife was fucked, then he did it. It was all part of the show. When Arab boss wanted to eat his cum, then he should enjoy it. Fucking his blond bitch was fun two.

When Klaus called him and asked him to bring two of the younger Arab men for shopping he did it. He rented a big Mercedes for them, as Klaus suggested. They went to the hotel and waited in the lobby. Emaan came with the two gus. They must have been the sons of the richer Arabs. Headline was driving and Moon was entertaining the young men at the back seat. Emaan was sitting next to him. Through the mirror, Headline could see the action on the back seat. They touched her and she touched them. The trousers were opened, Moon’s skirt was pulled upwards. Fingers played with her pussy. Her hands jerked both men. Each hand served one men’s dick.

Moon was sucking one guy, while the other guy was fingering her pussy, when they arrived at the most expensive shopping area of the city. Emaan said something about Arabian and the party at the back seats ended. Everyone prepared the cloth to be ready to leave the car. They still looked beaten up, but nobody cared. They went from shop to shop, tried different things. Moon also went to the dressing rooms with one of the young men and then left and visited the other man. Emaan was so generous as to also buy cloth for Headline and Moon.

Headline got an expensive leather jacket and Moon new underwear and a super bitchy skirt. Everything was expensive. When Headline’s girlfriend was trying some of the underwear in the dressing room, Emaan went with her. The salesperson saw that and just smiled. Nobody was interested in what they did as long they paid. Every piece of underwear that was not bought by them went to the dry laundry before another customer could use it. Money was no problem.

On the way back to the hotel the two younger Arabs fucked his girlfriend. Emaan who was sitting at the front of the car turned around to watch them. He told HEadline that they like him and his wife. Before Headline may misunderstand it, he added as a slave. Also, Headline watched them through the mirror. Moon was riding them one by one. There was not enough space for more. Both Arabs came before they arrived at the hotel. They looked relatively OK when Headline dropped them at the hotel entrance. He parked the car in the garage and cleaned the back of the car. Then he went up to Emaan’s room.

Emaan opened the door. He was naked, had an erection, and was holding a camera. When Headline was entering his room, he saw his girlfriend in a doggy-style position. She was wearing the new underwear, Emaar bought her. Emaas slid his erected penis into his girlfriend and Headline thought that he had been there before he opened the door for him. He fucked her and made pictures. After a while, he pointed to a small silver tablet and ordered Headline to take it and jerk off on it. He knew the reason. Boss Arab wanted to eat his semen. Why not? He knew was getting paid very well.

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