Headline and Moon – Page 30 – Moon’s Star Role and Headline’s little Girlfriend

Moon was proud of her achievements. Her family in Indonesia had a nice house and her kids could go to school. It was not a luxurious setup, but that was also not necessary. With the money, she earned with the porn movies she could save for a better future for her and Oliver. She took some of the money and bought gold. In her country that was normal to protect wealth against inflation. Most of the money she earned was not taxed, so she couldn’t bring it to the bank in Germany. She would invest it later. For now gold was a good solution. She liked jewelry anyway and she found out that Headline liked gold coins.

Her poor husband hardly got a role in a movie, while she was very successful. Her first movie was not even out, but Klaus managed to get the main role in a porn movie. Being the main female actor in a porn movie meant to have two sex scene in the movie, make more money, and be on the cover of the movie. Of course, she knew it was a dirty business, but it was her business. She got rich making porn movies. Her love Headline brought her to the movie set. As usual, her boyfriend took great care of her. As she had the main role they had to stay overnight.

The movie was mainly about old guys. Already on the first day, she was recording with a guy who was over 60 years. He needed longer to get hard and was not as hard as the male porn actors she was working with before. The sex with him was still O.K. Moon had had older lovers before. It started already in Bali. Whenever she was brought to the hotel room of one of the guests, she didn’t know who was inside. Sometimes there was a young man inside, sometimes a middle-aged guy, and sometimes an old guy. Actually, she remembered many old guys.

Old guys were normally easy for her. They were not so good-looking but therefore treated her better. Of course, they liked young ladies and enjoyed the sex with them. They didn’t last as long as the younger guys did and they gave better tips to her. The old guy she recorded on the first day, was also fine. In the porn movie, he would play her husband and on the next day, she had a scene with two of his friends. Also, old guys, who fucked her in a threesome. As usual, her boyfriend was standing at the set and watched her fucking the old farts.

They couldn’t even sleep together at night. As Klaus told them that Moon should take care of the producer Simon. He was a big guy in the German porn business and could give her many more orders. So they went for dinner they went to his house. A huge and luxurious house. Poor Headline had to stay alone in his hotel room. Moon felt pitty with her boyfriend and wanted to give him a special reward. When she heard that Carla was fired, she invited her to their home.

The Mexican lady was down as she messed up the job at Oliver’s restaurant. They had a threesome together. Of course, Headline loved it to fuck to ladies. Carla was following. She didn’t know what to do and the time with Headline and Moon gave her a new direction. Carla became Headline’s little girlfriend, while Moon remained his big girlfriend. The boy had a hard time and supported Moon’s career. The Mexican pussy would be good for him, his big girlfriend thought.

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