Headline and Moon – Page 28 – Headline brought Moon to her Clients

On the weekend Headline brought his girlfriend to her next porn movie set up. This time she played a customer who stole a chain. The shop owner saw her and threatened to call the police. Moon begged for mercy and offered to do anything the shop owner wanted if he wouldn’t call the police. That was the foreplay. Afterward, the guy closed the shop and brought her to the back of the shop. There they recorded the sex. Moon was fucked again in front of a camera. She seemed to have forgotten the night at the hotel with the Arabs. Headline saw that she had a good time with the shop owner while the team was recording them.

After the shop owner came inside Moon/s ass the job was done. Moon showered and Headline went to get the money. They owned so much money the last week as they never have dreamed of. They were hiding all the money in a pillow. They slept well on that pillow and they fucked even better on it. The sex with the Arabs was forgotten and their money was still with them. Until Klaus called. He asked Headline to go back to the hotel. Emaan met them in the lobby and brought them to the restaurant. They had their own room and together with about 30 Arabs they had dinner. They didn’t know why they were there, but the food was delicious. Everything was very exclusive and expensive.

The sex started after dinner. Emaan gave Headline a list of 4 room numbers and a huge envelope of money. “Your wife is another dessert for 8 men. I hope she can handle them. They are all important family members and business partners. After she fucked with them the boss is expecting her. Tell your wife to remember how she pleased them. Boss wants to know every detail. The Arabs really liked wives, Headline thought to him. Financially that was great, but a lot of work for his girlfriend.

8 men in 4 rooms, what could that mean? He would find that out very soon. Three times there were older and probably high men who were alone in their room. he waited outside the room until the guy was done. In the 4th room logically 5 guys were waiting. they seemed to be the sons of the guys his girlfriend visited before. They were parting and gang-banged Moon. They didn’t have a video camera, but a couple of photo cameras. Even they were 5, Moon could handle them. She had a lot of experience. Later they went to the boss arab to report everything. Moon was done. She was scared that he wanted also sex. But when the bodyguards opened the door, they saw that the boss arab was together with a blond lady.

He brought them to the same room where they had sex the other night. But this time he offered the blond lady to Headline. He added that his wife would be too tired for him this night. So he should enjoy another woman. Headline did as he was ordered and fucked the blond lade. She was a beauty and gave a good sow to the boss arab. He likes it so much that he climbed on the bed after he had heard enough from Moon. He just watched Headline how he fucked that blondie. . After Headline came inside her pussy, the boss Arab licked everything from her pussy. Headline understood. The wealthy Arab liked to eat cum.

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