Headline and Moon – Page 27 – Moon, Headline and the Arabian Boss

Moon’s feelings were mixed. She loved Headline and she was also sure that he loved her. Her boyfriend did everything to support her in her new job as a porn model. But now he also started to play in movies together with her. He didn’t have a chance to get a role in a professional porn movie. However, her boyfriend was filmed by amateur porn producers. Actually, they were just wealthy suitors who instead of booking hookers were booking porn models. Those rich guys liked to film themself with fucking and that’s why they paid Moon well. However Headline they mainly paid to insult him. They got hard on insulting him and fucking his wife.

Headline didn’t mind and said that it is all about the money. Those clients paid well, so what was the problem. But Moon knew what or better who was behind all that. Klaus was pressuring her boyfriend. Same then he was pressuring herself. He once promised to make her rich unless she is doing what he wants. Moon thought that was only about herself, but know it was also about Headline. Klaus’s clients liked to fuck a wife and record it. Especially the Arabs liked Headline. The first Arab called them in already the next day.

Of course, they didn’t want to disappoint Klaus and went to the hotel. The Arabian guy brought them to another room. The suit of his boss. He must be an even richer guy. The suite was huge and beautiful. Two bodyguards were in the room. They searched Headline and Moon for weapons. Then they brought them to a bedroom where they had to wait. The boss Arab entered the room only talked to her boyfriend. Headline talked to her to sit on the bed and the boss Arab said something on Arabian. The two bodyguards came to her and laid down next to her on the bed. the had the same smile on their faces, then many of her clients had.

The Arab from last night also came and prepared the camera. He filmed Moon with the two bodyguards on the bed. The bodyguards touched her, while the boss Arab was sitting on a chair in front of the bed and talked to her German boyfriend. They called the Arab behind the camera Emaan. Emaan also gave Headline the money. The two bodyguards must have waited for the payment. As soon Her boyfriend received the money they fell over her. Moon could feel their hands everywhere. They had strong and trained bodies and she could also see that they were wearing a gun. Moon was scared about the two bodyguards.

Then Headline came to the bed. He signaled her to be quiet. He was naked and started to jerk off next to her on the bed. She understood that this was what the Arab boss wanted. His two bodyguards should fuck her while her boyfriends jerked off on. How insulting was that for him! The camera was running and filmed the sex. Moon was happy when both men were naked as they had to put away their guns as well. None of the bodyguards wore a condom while fucking her. She also saw how boss Arab was watching the spectacle. He didn’t even look very interesting. Probably he saw many of those shows. This time the show showed 2 men fucking a woman while one guy jerked off.

One man came in Moon’s ass and the other in her mouth. She looked terrible. She was sweating from the sex and the white sauce coved her face and legs. They thought that at least they were done. But they were wrong. Boss Arab talked to Emaan. He also gave him something. With a bundle of money, Emaar came to the bed. The two bodyguards just set next to the bed and watched what would happen. Emaan gave Headline the money and undressed. he was the next to fuck Moon. He didn’t care about the men’s cum. He fucked her first in the mouth and then in the ass. As he was looking for a spot nobody so far shot his sperm into her vagina.

Emaan left the bed and Moon hoped for a second that it was over. But then Boos Arab appeared next to them on the bed. He threw money on the bed and he ordered her boyfriend to throw all the money they gave him already also on the bed. Boss money took the money and threw it over Moon. The bills were raining over her. Some landed on the bed some next to the bed and others landed on her body. Some stuck to her body as the cum of the three men who fucked her worked as glue and stuck the money to her body. the boss Arab repeated throwing the money over her again and again. He picked up the money from the floor and threw it over Moon.

Until he stopped and ordered Headline to fuck his wife. Headline didn’t like the order but he followed. He probably was scared that the boss arab would complain to Klaus. Klaus always warned them that the rich man’s fantasies needed to be fulfilled. Otherwise, no more order would come from them. Headline played cool and cleaned his girlfriend with the money. Then he fucked her as usual. He liked her first to ride him. Then he turned her to missionary and last but not least he fucked her doggy style. Still, it felt strange to have sex with Headline to entertain strangers. Before he came Moon saw already the boss Arab next to the bed with a bundle of new money.

As soon Her boyfriend was done, money showered over her. Now comes the boss dick, Moon thought to herself. But she was wrong. First came the boss tongue. Boss Arang licked her pussy and asshole. It felt like she was licked by a goat. He swallowed everything he could find. He also licked her face while he fucked her. This excited him and made him wild. He also fucked her like an animal. She felt embarrassed that Headline had to watch her like that. That he had to join that evening which turned out to be a gang bang. However, by seeing all the money that surrounded her on the bed, she felt better. They must have made a fortune that day.

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