Headline and Moon – Page 26 -Headline, Moon and the Arab Client

Klaus made a lot of pressure. He wanted to book Moon in as many porn movies as possible. He thereby preferred to talk to Headline. His German was better, so he could understand Klaus’s explanations faster and he had to drive Moon anyway to the appointment. The porn set at the Asian spa was done with two male actors and Moon. The rest was quite similar. Moon had foreplay where she talked to both men. Then she sucked the first guy, the second guy started to fuck her later from behind. Again the actors were interrupted permanently. Once everybody was satisfied the two guys and Moon continued fucking. The film team tried to get the best poses and the best shoots.

The headline had checked the health certificates of both men. he also had Moon’s ready this time, but nobody was interested in them. After about two hours of recordings, both men shot their cum in his girlfriend’s face. The white sauce of both actors covered her face and started to drop down. Some of the cum went into her mouth and she spits it slowly out, while the camera zoom in on her face. The viewers liked that stuff and Headline understood perfectly well why. The beautiful woman had to be branded as cum hungry slut. This made it easier to feel good while jerking off on her.

Men liked virtual women with just one purpose – sex, sex, and sex. Every part of the woman just had one reason – to satisfy the men. Watching that men could develop their sexual phantasies and jerk off. Headline knew that well. He also felt much better already at his second porn setup. It was also still very exciting to see his girlfriend with the two guys. The second time he just felt more to be part of everything.

Klaus called him also during the week and pushed him to bring her to a luxury hotel in their town. He picked up Moon from Oliver’s restaurant. By waiting for her at the bar, he realized that two men were very close to the Asian bartender. Headline realized fast that Moon started another business here at the bar. Initially, she thought that his girlfriend would spend the nights with Oliver when after she worked at her bar. But that does not seem to be true for every night. One of the men even started to complain once Oliver closed the restaurant.

He seemed to have had an appointment with the Asian Bartender and now she left him alone. Moon felt a little bit embarrassed that her boyfriends had to listen to that. However, Headline felt excited by all the sex. He also felt excited by all the money his girlfriend made. Especially for the porn movies, she got paid very well. He offered the guy to drop her later that night at his apartment. Moon added that she would call him later and then they would arrange.

Once they arrived at the hotel Headline was surprised. There was only one guy in the hotel room. Everything was very luxurious. The guy didn’t speak a word German and seem to be a tourist from an Arabian country. He told Headline to bring his wife to his room. Once inside his room, he saw the camera. It was not a professional one as they used at the other porn sets. This was more a camera for tourists. The hobby camera pointed towards the bed. The Arab pointed toward the bed. Headline was first not sure if he meant him or only his girlfriend. But the Arab smiled at him and ask him to sit together with his wife on the bed.

Moon felt embarrassed as she was not sure if her boyfriend was fine with that. The Arab was standing behind the camera and started to film them. He always called Headline German Husband and Moon was just wife. The guy didn’t talk much to the woman anyway. He wanted to know from Headline how long they were married and if he loved her. Then he asked him why he is selling his wife to other men. Headline was not sure by all the questions how to answer them. He was nervous because of the camera. He said that they needed money and his wife loves sex.

The Arab appeared in front of the camera and gave Headline a bundle of money. The fake husband got shaky. It was a lot of money. He also told him to leave the bed now. “You can watch how I fuck your wife German husband.” He fucked Moon while the camera recorded everything. Later Headline realized that he forgot to ask for the certificates. The Arab fucked without a condom and shot everything in his girlfriend’s vagina. Klaus would later explain that the Arabs would have tests, but they would be with him. Everything was fine with them. They also only used girls that were tested, so it would be a safe job. Moon and Headline didn’t complain. The payment was excellent. Later that night Headline would drive his girlfriend to her client from Oliver’s bar.

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