Headline and Moon – Page 23 – How Klaus seduced Moon

Klaus had soon the next job for Moon. As usual, the women don’t want their real names to appear in the movie. So Klaus asked her how she wanted to be called and she replied “Moon”. Of course, he had her real name too, as he needed her passport copy for all the legal stuff. However, he liked Moon as her porn star name. He called her husband and gave him all the information for her next job. It was a movie where she should do a threesome. The setup was simple. Two men were waiting at a massage pearl. The Asian massage lady came in and start the treatment with one. She asks if he wants a happy ending and then they should start fucking. The second guy would join in. Something like that he explained to Headline. There could be always changes. Headline was organizing the ride to the Asian massage spa.

Moon was his newest girl and she was promising. Klaus was happy to have found Moon at this swinger club. Surrounded by all those guys who wanted to fuck her, but didn’t know the trick. He was long enough in that business to know what makes women move. He was hiding money inside his underwear. It was actually not allowed to pay women at the swinger club, so he did it secretly. While Moon rejected everybody he took her. They had some small talk and then he gave her a big reward. She was impressed about so much money and she should be. Klaus was not cheap and he wanted the women to know that. If he liked them he went in big. Big money makes them pay real attention to him.

The guy next to her was already exhausted and so they went without him. They didn’t go alone, because all the other men followed them to watch. Moon didn’t mind and Klaus knew that he had the right woman. Now he just had to convince her to make porn. She called him after the swinger club and they met at the restaurant where she was working. She was eager to meet again. Big money moves the lips and makes them wet. She stayed overnight and Klaus fucked her till the morning. It was wonderful. She did everything to please him.

The next time he picked her up, he brought her to Roman. Moon was a bit surprised that they didn’t go to his apartment. They had a few drinks and chatted so she relaxed. Then Klaus mentioned that Roman was making movies and that he was looking for beautiful women like her. They brought her to Roman’s small studio and made some pictures and video recordings with her. Moon liked it and was very supportive. She also took off her cloth until the point they filmed her in panties. When they wanted more, she asked for money. Klaus gave her money. A lot of it! Once they filmed her naked, he gave her more. When she took that he asked her to take off his trousers. She sucked and fucked Klaus in front of the camera. During Klaus fucked her from behind, Roman appeared in front of the camera and Moon sucked him.

Moon did everything they wanted, but she didn’t want to sign the model release form. First, they told her that the movie would not be published. It was just a casting movie to see if she could do that kind of movie. However after her casting porn movie was made, they offered her a lot of money to sign the demanded form. She rejected and always said she had to think about it. Later Klaus found out about Headline and that he would be her boyfriend. Thank god that also he agreed finally. Now he had a new girl on board and he would make her busy. A porn agent was like a pimp. He had his girls and wanted to make them as busy as possible. In return, he got a share of the earnings of that girl. The biggest difference between a porn agent and a pimp was that a pimp was illegal. Prostitution in the 90s was illegal in Germany. Porn was legal.

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