Headline and Moon – Page 20 – Headline learned about Klaus’s offer

Headline was shocked when he heard the offer. He expected something surprising, but not that. Moon asked him if Klaus a friend could come. He had something to talk about with us. More she didn’t say. So Headline was curious the entire day till Klaus arrived at their small apartment. He wanted to shoot a porn movie with Moon. He was a porn producer and somehow met Moon. He seemed to be absolutely fascinated by her and wanted her as an actress in a porn movie. They had to decide today because the movie should be made this weekend.

There was not much time and his girlfriend was fully in favor of making the movie. She would earn a hell of money and she was excited about it. Of course, she also hesitated to have porn recordings of herself. However, they would not be distributed in Indonesia. So her family would not see them. The movie would be sold in Europe mainly. She didn’t care to spoil her reputation further here. She also didn’t care that men would use her movie to jerk off. Headline also jerked off on porn movies all the time.

Klaus explained further that there were a couple of women who produced porn movies in their spare time. They make good money with it. Headline understood the message. Moon should make more than one porn movie. Why shouldn’t she? If she would do one her reputation would be spoiled anyway. Then she also could do more. He was not sure. He didn’t like the idea of spoiling the reputation of his girlfriend. He loved her His feelings toward her were growing. On the other side, he didn’t want to decide her life. It was her life and he wanted to focus on his life and not on hers.

If she liked to fuck men for ash it was not his problem. If she liked to make porn movies then she should make them. It has nothing to do with him. His family was living in another town. They visited them a couple of times. He doubted that they would find it out. Even if, it was his and her’s life. Headline also loved porn movies. He watched them himself all the time. He was happy with virtual women. they satisfied his needs and didn’t make trouble. He could fuck some nice pussies from time to time and he had a cool girlfriend. So porn was a great way to have additional sex. He loved them and he thought of them as a piece of art.

To imagine his girlfriend playing in some of these movies excited him. Klaus also brought some of the porn movies he produced and gave them to Headline. Only looking at the cover picture excited the porn lover. Imagine Moon on the cover excited him even more. Being part of this industry was a great adventure for him and her. He liked to be there, at the set, when the movie was made. he wanted to see and experience it himself. It was a world he had to know. So he asked if he could join the sets. Klaus smiled and said, “if you can handle it”. Headline knew what Klaus meant. He had to see how another man fucked his girlfriend. He saw that before and didn’t mind. This time however it will be better, more interesting to see the entire setup.

His girlfriend smiled happily. “Would you come with me?” She seems to like the idea. “That would be great. I am so excited and would be happy not to be alone. Headline agreed and the contract was signed.

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