Headline and Moon – Page 19 – Oliver was happy with his two bartender

Oliver gained a lot of respect for Headline. He always thought of him to be a loser. He was fucking his girlfriend and probably more often than Headline himself. He always thought that Moon secretly fucked her boss. But that was wrong. Headline was fully aware of their relationship. Instead of making trouble, he accepted it. He let his girlfriend fuck her boss so she could make more money. Once he wanted to spend more time with her he exchanged her partly with Carla. This hot Mexican chick. Oliver couldn’t be happier. Now he had an Asian and a Mexican girlfriend.
Moon explained Carla everything. Even how to fuck Oliver. The threesomes they had were great. Carla was a good replacement. She made Oliver extremely horny and so had at the beginning more sex with Carla than with Moon. Carla was not so experienced with sex then Moon. Oliver hoped to change that. He brought Carla also to the swinger club, however she was very shy there. So he changed his tactics. He wanted to have more time with both ladies and so he asked Carla to come on one day where Moon was working. So he could bring back both women to his apartment for the night.

That was more costly, but also the most fun. Having both women competing in bed over his favor was so cool. With Moon’s help, he could develop Carla better. Whatever Moon did, Carla did sooner or later too. She just needed to see another woman doing at and she followed. This was expensive but effective and made a lot of fun. Financially he was well off anyway. The restaurant was doing well and ever the new bar Moon started, was beginning to develop. A few of his normal clients went there at night and then there were their fans from the swinger club. Moon and Oliver had exchanged their telephone number with men they met at the swinger club.

Especially Moon had so many fans. She called them up and many of them showed up at the bar. He also knew some of them and those he didn’t know Moon introduced to him. There were e.g. Manfred, Klaus, Peter and Mehmet. Together with his regular clients, now every evening a few people ended up at the bar. So his sexual adventure with Moon started to payout. He also discovered that Moon went out with some of the men. They waited till her job at the bar was over and then they left with her. He didn’t intervene. Why should he? He was happy with the setup. Moon simply could have sex with many men. Even when he fucked her at his restaurant it could be that she met with Manfred later and left the restaurant.

He was sure that they would fuck. All that men that picked her up were fucking his bartender. Moon introduced them to him so it was safer for her to with them. That was it. Nevertheless, it was good for his business. So he had a small talk with Klaus, Manfred, Peter, and Mahmet, kept their numbers, and saw them leaving with Moon. Oliver had enough pussy and was sexually fulfilled. Should other men have their fun too?

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