Headline and Moon – Page 18 – Ola and Moon became friends

Ola was interested in Moon. She heard a lot about her, but never had the chance to meet her. She just knew that she was Headline’s girlfriend and that Mike and his friends adored her. They described her as a perfect woman or perfect sex toy. Both seem to be very much connected to them. Moon seems to know how to serve men. They all seem to be perfectly happy. She was interested in her because of her studies in psychology. The university was so dry and a bit boring. The outside world was much more exciting.

Ola’s asked Headline to arrange a meeting and so she ended up visiting his apartment and talking to his girlfriend. She was not getting disappointed. Moon was a fascinating person with so much experience. Both ladies were talking for our while Headline was at home or while he was out at his university. They became friends and Ola understood that for Moon serving men was really an important thing. She always thought that women in Asia were simply ruled by men and had to obey them. However, what Moon told her was surprising. Moon’s thinking was more than when a woman servers a man their relationship was good. If she didn’t serve him the relationship would end soon. So it was more a way to navigate through relationships.

Also, it was the week spot of men. She saw them as kids who needed their food and sex to be happy. She saw it with Headline. He got what he wanted from his girlfriend. She took care of all his needs and then he didn’t mind that she had her freedoms. He actually only cared about his own career. Why should he care about his girlfriend’s one? As long he was happy, it was fine with him. Like a big baby. Both women also talked about Mike and his friends. It seemed to be the same here. They had their sexual fantasies and needed sex. Moon’s take was also here to give them what they needed and in return, they financed her family in Indonesia.

It was all just a simple trade. Moon served all those men, but they also served her needs. For Moon, it was just too easy to make this trade as she was a good-looking female. Men always had sexual needs. However European women tried to manipulate their men by not giving them sex. They tried to be hard to get and then reward them with sex. Moon’s thinking was different. Serve them and make them happy and manipulate them to serve you.
Ola and Moon became friends. The relationship influenced Ola deeply. She started to try out things Moon told her and she gave in to more and more demands Mike and his friends had. She became totally submissive to them and in return, they gave her information and money. First, she had sex with them and then wanted to know what the dirty phantasies of those men were. She wanted to find out why they were like that. However, those conversations were difficult and Ola hardly found out anything.

By just obeying their needs and add a price to them, she found out the truth. Men completely opened to her and they made her relatively wealthy. For some reason, German men liked anal sex. How should she learn why that would be the case if she was not having anal sex herself. She got attracted by the feeling that by serving all those men, she would get greatly experienced in sexual psychology a field she could imagine herself to work in. Additionally, all the sex made her also relatively wealthy so that she might be able to open her own medical consultancy. This goal attracted her and made her horny. It also motivated her to let go of her limitations and start doing all the sexual praxis to better understand them.

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