Headline and Moon – Page 16 – Moon’s Vagina

Headline was jealous. That meant he feels for her. Moon was not sure how deep his feeling was, but she was sure of them. Sometimes she was not sure if he is serious with her. But stepping in and separate her and Oliver made sense if he feels for her. She was so lucky to have found such a man. He understood about her children and he understood about her job. She made so much money serving men. So why shouldn’t she take the money? Her pussy was strong. She could serve many men. Many men needed pussy, especially in Germany.

Since she worked at the hotel and was brought to the hotel room of single travelers, she served men. They all wanted to use her. Just have a good time with her. She served them and they paid her. In the beginning she was shy. Just let the man do it to her. There were so many. Every night they called once, twice, or even three times. The men didn’t care. They just wanted her pussy. Some men were nice and some not. It didn’t matter. They all just wanted her pussy. Also the nice one. Sooner or later their trousers disappeared and their big penises appeared. Good, bad, nice, naughty, old young, fat, skinny, smart or dumb – After a while in their rooms, their penises appeared.

Then her job started and all their penises ended up in her vagina. It was so many. Every night she felt penises inside her pussy. They went in and out. Some dicks came fast and others took their time. However, every man liked her pussy. There was no love or deep feelings. Just hundreds of men with their penises who wanted to get off. To shoot out their sperm. They needed a woman to get their sperms out. This made men happy. To orgasm and release their sperms. Most of the men liked to come inside her pussy. They fucked her and she just took it. Then suddenly they stopped and then felt it. Their penis pumped their sperms into her vagina.

Most of her clients didn’t use any condoms. They liked it naturally. As they wanted to make her pregnant. Some many men, day or night shot their white sauce into her vagina. And after they did they were relaxed and she could go. As soon they came they were not interested in her anymore. They wanted to get her out as soon as possible. She got their money and left. She returned to her office and continued working in her regular job. Until the phone rang and she visited another room, with another man, who soon would remove his trousers. First, she would see his penis, and then she would feel it in her pussy. Until he suddenly stopped fucking her and pumped his semen into her.

However, independently of how many men left their sauce inside her, she was fine. Of course, she didn’t get pregnant. All the sex didn’t harm her. She took pills against getting pregnant and after the sex, she washed her vagina. Cleaned it from the remains of her clients. She showered and pissed out what they left inside her. That’s it! It’s just a stupid game about impregnating a woman which is not happening. Of course, men still like it. Sex is the basis of being a man. Her pussy likes it too. She likes to be filled out by a man’s dick. She likes to feel him moving in and out. Her pussy is wet when sees an erected penis, because she wants to be filled up.

She gets wet so the man can slide his dick easily inside her and she feels excited when he slides inside and outside her. Her pussy doesn’t care about old or young, good or bad, beautiful or ugly. She just likes the feeling of being full. She also doesn’t care if Headline’s or Oliver’s penis is inside her. She likes both and she also likes Mike’s, his friend’s, or any other penis inside her. So why does it matter? Is she dirty because she had sex with all of them? No, she is clean and healthy. She also did an HIV test and was fine. Now she uses condoms.

Headline understands her and he doesn’t mind her having fun. He even regulates the contacts she can have with Mike and Oliver. Of course, she could do another job, but it is so easy to make money like this. Especially as long she is beautiful. Of course, Headline can have his freedom too. She will never bother him for other women. He just wants to have his children one day. Then she would take care of them. She would spoil his kids and raise them up so Headline would be a proud father. The family was all that matters. Sex was just a game.

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