Headline and Moon – Page 15 -Carla loved her new job

She loved this man! Headline just called her and told her that she had a new job. She would be a bartender and would have sex with the owner of the bar. He didn’t even ask if she would like to do it. She gave it a try and went to the bar. Headline’s girlfriend showed her everything she needed to do. She was so sweet. She also explained that “Boss needs pussy” and how it would work. That shouldn’t be a problem for Carla. She handled seven of Mike’s friends so far. So Oliver should be fine. She actually was looking forward to the sex. She needed it and didn’t want to have a dry pussy like the first months in Germany.

She spends the night at Oliver’s apartment, together with Moon. She also explained to her everything at his home and furthermore “Boss needed Pussy”. He needed two pussies as they had a nice threesome. Carla liked it. The luxury apartment, the Mercedes, and a wealthy German. She really had to thank Headline for this job and for getting connected with Oliver. The next morning she was woken up. Moon and Oliver were fucking next to her. She spread her legs and was glad that her boss understood her gesture. He fucked her and Carla knew she would get extra pocket money from her boss. After the sex Moon left and after a while, they left for the restaurant.

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