Headline and Moon – Page 14 – Headline’s Problem

Things didn’t work out for Headline anymore. His girlfriend was gone most of the time. First, he let her do, as he felt that she was very happy. But it simply became too much. Moon was working for Oliver 7 days a week. When she came home she was extremely tired and slept the entire morning. Her body temperature was hot when she lay down next to him. She was totally exhausted. He hardly saw her and couldn’t spend much time with her. He knew she was making a lot of money and was happy about that however it couldn’t go on like this.

Also his friend Mike complained. As Moon had even less time for him, his dirty parties stopped and his friends only had the new girls Carla, Ola, and Nadine. Mike also got a Thai lady working for him. Noo was married to some guy, he didn’t know. He liked her. She was beautiful and Headline fucked her at Mike’s apartment. As Moon had her own money he could spend his money for a pussy. He generally liked watching porn. Nevertheless, from time to time fucking a sexy lady like Noo, Carla, Ola and Nadine was a great pleasure.

Fucking Noo at Mike’s apartment where he could watch, also strengthened their relationship again. Before Oliver occurred, it was Mike who took his girlfriend most of the time for his sex parties. This somehow weakened their relationship. Headline felt ashamed that Mike and his friends fucked his lady. He, therefore, distanced himself from them. Since Oliver hired Moon, his relationship with Mike improved again. His old friend told him that he was jealous of him and that he planned to fly to Thailand to find a girlfriend like Moon. All this surprised Headline and he stopped feeling ashamed anymore.

He talked to his girlfriend and said that she would reduce her work at Oliver’s restaurant if she could. But he was working 7 days a week and wanted her to be there as well. Another problem was that the new girls were complaining about Mike. He built up too much pressure on them to do dirty stuff. Not even Ola was ready for that. Carla simply said no to everything and Nadine even took a job at a massage pearl. There she got a good tip for jerking her guest off after the massage. They paid her an even better tip if she sucked them off. Fucking was even out of question.

Mike, Headline, and Oliver met to discuss the topic. Headline already made his decision. Moon could only work 4 days a week for Oliver. For the remaining 3 days, she had to be at home with Her boyfriend or party with Mike’s friends. For the remaining 3 days, Carla would start to work at Oliver’s Bar. So the bar would be operating 7 days a week. First Oliver complained that he doubted that Carla could replace Moon. Headline knew his problem. He openly asked Oliver how much he paid her. The answer came after some hesitation. “This will also do it for Carla” Headline confirmed. The wealthy restaurant owner seemed to be convinced. The deal was struck.

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