Headline and Moon – Page 13 – Oliver’s Secrete

Before Oliver met Moon, he was most of the time alone. He mainly cared about his business and didn’t have too much time to spend with friends. He went out to bars and clubs, but often those nights ended at a prostitute or alone. Alternatively, he also liked to go to swinger clubs where people met to have sex. The disadvantage was that there were much more men than women. However, that had also something dirty. When couples were fucking on a bed, men surrounded them to jerk off on. He always dreamed to go there with his wife or girlfriend, but they all rejected such ideas.

With Moon that was no problem. He was the boss and she followed. He had to pay her bringing her to the swinger club and fucking her. However, the entry fee for couples was much cheaper than for single men. So by bringing Moon into the club, he saved almost the money he had to pay her for sex. Inside the club he and Moon only wear underwear. The men there liked her. She was one of the youngest and most beautiful women there. Oliver felt like a king with her. When they went upstairs to the action rooms, a crowd of men followed them.

They first tried to have sex on a huge bed. the men however came too close. They tried to touch Moon and jerked their penises. So they went into a small room they could lock. The room still had a huge window, so the crowd of men could watch them. Nevertheless, it was safe inside that room. He loved to be watched while he fucked his Bitch. It was wonderful! He knew exactly how the men outside the window felt. They jerked off their wieners full of desperation. Some of them even ejaculated against the window.

When they were not at the action rooms they also talked to many of the men. They were like stars in the swinger club and made friends with many men. Both of them enjoyed being adored by the other. They openly talked about the restaurant where they worked and exchanged telephone numbers. It was a nice activity to spice up their sex life which was already pretty hot. Moon was the right lady for that as she was already very experienced through her work as a prostitute. She got used to the swinger community easily.

They went regularly to that club and also started to involve their fans in their sex. They left the room with the protection window and went on a huge bed with their fans. Oliver watched as Moon was surrounded by 4 men who touched her everywhere. Moon moaned and got very excited and also the penises of those men were rock hard. His sexy bartender became so excited that she started to jerk off those dicks. She also took them into her moth. Without any payment, just for her pleasure. When Oliver fucked her, she was wet like a waterfall. He loved it.

Each time they visited the club, Moon would open herself more to their fans. First, she jerked them, then she sucked them and finally she fucked them. Everything free of charge, just for her pleasure. They had Threesomes and Gang Bangs together. One night Moon also went with another man to the action area. She first asked him to join, but he already came twice. So he suggested to  go alone with their fan.

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