Headline and Moon – Page 12 – Mike in trouble

Mike was stressed. Since Moon worked at Oliver she hardly had time for him anymore. All the sex at his apartment and the parties stopped. Other women were interested in doing Moon’s work, but they were all not ready. Headline brought Carla, Ola, and Nadine to him. There were nice amateurs and he could arrange some meetings with them and his friends. But it was so stressful. Carla didn’t want to fuck at his apartment, so he couldn’t watch her. He could fuck her, so in return, he would arrange the meetings. But that was all she gave him. Nadine didn’t want to suck, Ola only did one guy a day and she was the best. None of the girls did anal sex.

Mike remembered that Moon had three times sex with the guy only. She blew him and she fucked him with her pussy. She blew him again and this time she fucked him with her asshole. Then she blew him a third time and fucked him with her pussy. She would have blown him a fourth time, but the guy was out of money. What a difference to the newbies. He was also approached by some women, however, he couldn’t succeed with them. It was worse than with Headline’s pussies. He didn’t have that great connection to those ladies than Headline. For him, everything was always so easy. Talking to him made it those ladies much easier to do their job.

The only good hint came from his sister. She also offered herself, but my god, she was too fat. However, she worked at the airport and knew three Thai ladies who always talked naughty stuff. All there were married, but she heard stories that they fucked a couple of guys at the airport. One of them was interested to meet with him and he could fuck her for some cash. She was not that experienced like Moon was, but she could be developed. She was interested to meet with his friends too. That would be a lot of fun. Her name was Noo.

Nevertheless, he had to do something. His friends wanted to do a bondage party. Therefore he needed Moon. Also to go to bars and discotheques Moon was necessary. All the other ladies wanted to make money but didn’t want to be seen with him. He needed Moon back urgently otherwise he would lose his clients. He contacted Headline, who told him that he had much less time with her as well since she worked for Olive. So he had to contact Moon directly and beg her to work for him again. At least once every 1 or 2 weeks. He had to offer her more money and she finally accepted.

All these problems totally changed his point of view on women. Before he also thought it was sexy for a woman if she didn’t have so much experience. He liked shy women as well. This changed now. The world needs experienced women who can satisfy men. All this conservative sex habit was nonsense. He was jealous with Headline that he had such a cool girlfriend, that could fuck that much. She must have fucked hundreds of men before they met her. Before he thought bad about it. Now he appreciated her experience. He regretted, not having started a relationship with one of the hookers he met on Bali. Now it was too late. Maybe he should go to Asia soon.

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