Headline and Moon – Page 11 – Moon the Bartender

Moon was happy with her new job. She liked to work for Oliver. He was kind and generous to her. For the first time in a long time, she had a real job that brought her a good income. Therefore she was very thankful to Oliver. He established her as a bartender. It was not a great bar, as he just improvised a small area of the coffee as a bar, but it was still a well-paid job. She could support him with all kinds of things and she felt that she had a purpose in her life.
Additionally to her normal salary that was transferred to her new bank account, Oliver paid her for sex. He needed a lot of sex. He was divorced and it had been a while since he had a long-term relationship with a woman.

Moon seems to be the first woman that was constantly available for sex for him for a long time. The work environment was also so convenient for them. First, they did it in Oliver’s small office. He just asked her to come to his office as he had to discuss something with her. Then he gave her the cash and she went on her knees to start blowing him.

Soon they also did it in the storage room and at every place at the restaurant where nobody could see them. After 9 pm they were alone at the restaurant as Oliver’s other staff already left. Then her boss just stood next to her, gave her some cash, she saluted to him as a soldier saluted to his officer, Moon went down on her knees, opened his trousers and started sucking him. Olver needed it so often, that Moon had much more sex with him than with Headline. The sex with Oliver fulfilled her so much that she hardly had time for Mike and his friends too.

Oliver was like a boyfriend to her and she did everything to make him happy. Their relationship went even so far that he brought her home to his apartment. After the restaurant closed he drove her with his Mercedes to his home. His apartment was much bigger than Headline’s one. It was also much more luxurious and Moon liked it very much. They had sex on his bed, which was a different experience for them than just fucking at the restaurant. They could even shower after the sex. Before he drove her home to Headline with his Mercedes.

Her boss even went further and he paid her to stay overnight, so she would just return to Headline the next morning. However even that was not enough, they had less sex at the restaurant, but therefore Oliver asked her more often to sleep at his apartment. They had sex at night and then again the next morning. Soon she even stayed at his place till both of them had to go to work. They were driving to his restaurant where they worked together again. They felt like a couple.

For a while, she stopped the meetings with Mike and his friends. After Mike complaint and reminder her that it was him who connected her to Oliver, she agreed to visit him once a week. Either for a soccer gang bang or to go out at the weekend and return to his apartment. Now, she didn’t need their money so urgently anymore. However, for a few hours of work, it was well paid. The money helped to pay back the loan for the house in Indonesia. She was glad that her family could now live in a house and that she also could afford a good education for her children.

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