Headline and Moon – Page 10 – Headline could attract many women to work for Mike

Of course, Headline was happy that his girlfriend found a job. What he didn’t expect, however, was that she had much less time for him. She spends a lot of time with Oliver and it seems that they really liked each other. He expected that Oliver didn’t only hire her for his restaurant, but that also sexual interests played a role. However, it seems that both got better along as he expected. It started that he drove her home after work with his Mercedes. Oliver was a rich guy. His restaurant went well and he felt that Moon was attracted by his wealth. He had several people working for him and he was the boos who could principally what he wanted.

Then Moon didn’t come for the night. She told him that she would go out with Oliver and stay at his apartment for the night. That was O.K. for Headline as he always expected that they fucked each other. But Moon never did that before. She now depended financially and with regards to her working visa on Oliver. That was known and he felt that Oliver was a competition for him. He also realized that Moon was very happy. She earned a lot of money and liked working Oliver. There was nothing he could, he thought to himself and if Moon wanted to move to Oliver he would need to accept it.

He knew that Oliver was divorced and had two kids. SO a very similar situation to Moon. Both somehow fitted together well. For sure his girlfriend loved his Mercedes too. Well, he had to let it go and see what will happen. In return, he also got a lot. He had a great time with Moon and with her help, he could develop the reputation of a ladykiller. Well maybe more the reputation of a hooker killer, but there was not much difference at the end. Women saw him together with Moon and the roomers spread that she was a hooker. First, he thought that would shy away from many women. But it also attracted many women, especially good-looking ones. So he was often approached by beauties and the chats always developed in the direction of his girlfriend.

He admitted that she was a hooker and explained why he didn’t mind. This was what the women were really interested in. Prostitution fascinated them and they thought they could learn from Headline. It made them excited and wet. Once they talked about sex it was easy to fuck them and this was the part Headline liked most. It was the price they had to pay for the information he provided. By fucking them for this information he started to buy sex from them. Those who liked it stayed with him the others left. He understood that those cool chicks also needed sex regularly and his connection to prostitution attracted them to try him out.

Those women he fucked liked to combine sex with another useful purpose. The purpose itself was different. There was e.g. Carla a Mexican business student. She admitted that one reason to study in Germany was to find a German or European husband. But even she was beautiful she faced difficulties to meet men. The right situation never occurred. Headline though that she needed some training. He told her about Mike, but Carla didn’t like to be watched by Mike while she had sex. Also, she was not interested in gang bangs. She liked to go out with a guy and then end up having sex with him.

Mike had the contacts to those men, as he collected them in connection with Moon. So Carla still had to deal with Mike. Like with the Headline’s information she also paid Mike with sex. Besides fucking her, he also took some pictures of her to promote her to his clients. He also took her panty, but that was another story.
Then there was Ola, a psychology student from Poland. She wanted to find out why men go to prostitutes. Therefore Headline turned her into one. In contrast to Carla she was interested in the whole program Mike had to offer. She was similarly submissive than Moon. Whatever Mike and his friends wanted she did it.
They hardly found German women who were interested in them. Nadine was the big exception. She was working in a tax consulting office and that was simply too boring for her. She liked her job but needed excitement outside her job. Headline and Mike made her life much more exciting. She especially liked to Party.

Generally speaking, Headline had a great time. Even he feared losing Moon to Oliver, things were good for him. He had more pussies than ever before in his life. Especially he liked the great international variety. From German, Indonesian, Polish, and Mexican he had them all.

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