Headline and Moon – Page 9 -Oliver was fascinated by Moon

Oliver met Moon in Cuban Bar. He loved her look, her body, and her style. She looked elegant, sexy, and beautiful. Without noticing it, he kept staring at her. A man approached him and asked him “Isn’t she fascinating?”. Only then he realized that he was looking in her direction for a while. Embarrassed about being caught, he agreed to the question of the stranger. They started to talk and the guy seemed to be interesting. He said that he knew the girl pretty well. She would be not only beautiful but a real sex freak. They chatted for a while and Mike, the stranger, told him stories that were hard to believe.

Moon the sexy girl he was staring at, had a boyfriend, but she was so horny that one man was not enough for her. She did wild sex parties with many men to satisfy her. She wouldn’t do that for free, but it would be worth every penny. Oliver was eager to join such a special party and so they exchanged numbers. Actually, he thought that party would take place on another day, however, Mike showed up later that evening and told him there would be a party tonight. Together with Moon, Mike another stranger they took a taxi to Mike’s small apartment. It was very close to the Cuban bar and once they arrived they sit on a small couch and had more drinks.

Mike made most of the talk. He talked about the exotic island of Bali, where he and his friend met Moon. He showed off how many women he had during his vacation and explained that those women were different than the local women. They liked sex and wanted it all the time. However, it was the local culture to pay women for sex. It didn’t matter that Moon had a boyfriend, who we met at the Cuban bar, she was still hungry for sex. Oliver liked Mike’s story. He was dreaming about such a place all his life. He would have loved to visit Bali or another place in South East Asia. But he couldn’t. His restaurant wouldn’t allow it. He couldn’t leave Germany and so he was happy to have such a woman like Moon in Germany.

Oliver kept talking with Mike because Moon fascinated him. While they talked, they watched Moon fucking on the bed. He was so excited about what he saw. Moon had a perfect skinny body and it looked too hot when she fucked the guy. She did it like eating a piece of cake. Yes, she was moaning a lot and the white dick looked huge in her pussy. However, she was fully submissive and let the guy do whatever he wanted. Once the couple was done, Oliver showered quickly and continued where the stranger stopped. He loved it doing with her and it was worth every penny he spent. Fully satisfied he went home.

Fascinated about the Asian sex, kept visiting Mike’s sex parties. He joined a soccer match, where Moon was serving beer to the men, who watched a soccer game on TV. She was only wearing panties and which made all the men super excited. Already in the second half, the first man showered to get then blown by Moon. He still watched the soccer match while Moon’s head went up and down his penis. t was great! He never saw something like that. However the same was true for the bandage party, where Mike bandaged her, or the Oktoberfest party where Moon was serving beer in a very sexy Dirndl. A traditional Bavarian dress. Every time it was great watching and fucking Moon as she was so different.

When he heard that she had to go back to Indonesia, he was shocked. Mike explained that her boyfriend doesn’t want to marry Moon yet and therefore he could only stay a limited time in Germany. The restaurant owner immediately knew the solution. He could get a working visa for her if she would work in her restaurant. The more Mike thought about it, the idea to hire Moon at his restaurant fascinated him. He could fuck Moon whenever he wanted and he could even pay with untaxed money. Every evening he recorded the earning of the days, but he took out of the cash he needed for Moon before he recorded the taxable amount.

Officially she would need to work in the kitchen as for those a foreigner could be hired. But she could also help preparing drinks – Cocktail, coffee beer. She couldn’t serve beer in her panties, as she did at Mike. Still, she would be a lovely waitress. Maybe it would be possible to attract more clients later. Normally his restaurant was busy in lunch and afternoon. For dinner, not many people came and for late drinks even less. Moon could change that.

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