Headline and Moon – Page 7 -Mike the Pimp

While Headline was happy with his beautiful exotic girlfriend, Mike saw himself as the real winner. He heard that Moon wanted to come to Germany and had difficulties to pay the flight. So he acted as an entrepreneur. He was a horny entrepreneur,, who remembered how much fun it was to pay for Moon. Of course, he told many of his friends how much fun it was to fuck all those Asian hookers during his vacation. He also mentioned that he fucked Headline girlfriend and his friends loved the story. He realized fast that if he could offer Moon to his friends and that they could have great fun with her.

So Mike immediately approached Headline and offered to share the costs of Moons ticket if she would work in Germany. First didn’t like the idea as he thought it is embarrassing that Mike’s friend would fuck his girlfriend. However, Mike didn’t give up and promised Moon that she could make easy money in Germany. He was right, she was interested. Together they convinced Headline that it was better to work. The greedy bastard also was happy to share the costs of the ticket, so he had to pay less. Mike also reminded him that his girl was a bitch and fucked around anyway. So he should be thankful that his friend would support him.

Once Moon arrived in Germany his sex life went crazy. His apartment was turned into a bordello every time Moon was there. In order to share the ticket, he asked his friends to pay in advance. Once Moon was in Germany it was time to pay them back. He invited Moon and one of his friends to his apartment. They drunk and talked a little bit to get to know each other and then they fucked. He watched them one by one. They did it on the bed – sucking, missionary, doggy style, everything. Moon did every position his friends asked her. First, he pretended to watch TV, so the couple wouldn’t feel disturbed. But soon he realized that nobody cared. He could watch them, he could masturbate, nobody complained. Bobby even fucked her next to him on the couch. It was wonderful to watch them.
All these impressions Mike kept in his brain and only thinking about Moon, made him hard. He remembered watching Moon riding Dan on the floor. It looked so dirty as Dan was a really fat guy and seeing skinny Moon riding his cock was wired. He and his friends were not inexperienced. They had sex with their girlfriends before. But Moon was different. They could fuck her in any way they wanted. So they could do that stuff they with her they saw in porn movies and which their girlfriends denied.

Moon was so different than the German girls. They were free but so complicated. Moon never fucked for free, but if she got paid she did what was requested. So Headline might be her boyfriend, but Moon’s pussy was his. When he called her, she came. He was the boss. Even when he called her in the middle of the night, she left Headline to come to him. He would then see her fucking one of his friends or he would join in a threesome. After his friends had one by one their solo experience they teamed up. MFM or MMFM whatever they wanted. Mike was in the center of everything and had more sex than ever before.

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