Headline and Moon – Page 4 – Germany

After Mike and Headline went back to Germany they started to miss Moon. So they organized a Visa and a flight ticket for Moon. The costs of the ticked were not a problem, because Moon could earn a lot of money in Germany. Mike handled the business part and arranged other men who were interested in Moon. It was not difficult to sell Moon, as exotic Asian women were in high demand in Germany. Mike first approached all his friends and people he knew that paid for sex. He arranged meetings with them and Moon.

Mike and Headline were close friends and they lived close by. It was just a 10 minutes walk between Mike’s and Headline’s home. Moon soon could walk to Mike and Headline alone. At Headline’s home, Moon was treated like a girlfriend, and at Mike’s place, she was treated like a hooker. She sold sex to Mike and his friends.

For her, the setup was fine, because she realized that Headline was developing feelings for her and she hoped to have a serious relationship. On the other side, she was happy that Mike arranged for his friends to make money. She needed both sides and that was also who she was. Moon was a hooker, but she was also a loving woman. She needed money and love. Headline was studying and didn’t have money left to finance Moon. So he also was fine with the arrangement as he could meet with his girlfriend and had free sex. So there was no risk. Of course, he didn’t like the idea that his girlfriend was banging other men and some of them he even knew. He knew that they would make fun out of him with that. But he got for free what they paid for. So he could make fun out of them too.

Headline never asked Moon or Mike what they did. He was not interested in Moon’s client. For him, that was Moon’s personal thing. He knew that she was fucking for money. It was not that he liked it, but he was O.K. with that. He accepted that Moon had her own life with her own history. What was important for him was that she took great care of him once she was with him. Headline had many German girlfriends before he went to Indonesia. The style Moon treated him was very different. She fully respected him and she was fully focused at him when they were together. He was happy with her and she seems to be happy with him.

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