Headline and Moon – Page 2 – For 2 Years Moon fucked Hotel Guests

Moon still remembers her first client. It was an Italian with the name Giovanni. She said he was actually good looking. Giovanni told the bell boy that he was interested in a woman, the bell boy talked to Moon’s colleague, who asked he to get ready. Moon refreshed her make up and was then brought by the bell boy to Giovanni’s room. He inspected her and liked her. The Italian fucked her twice and Moon liked it. She liked the money even more and so she became the hotel prostitute from that day on.

She was fucking the hotel guests and everybody was happy. The guests had sex, the staff made money and Moon got sex and money. Some jobs she liked more and some jobs she liked less, however her financial problems were history. For more than 2 years everything was fine, until the top management of the hotel found out about the prostitution business at their hotel and fired all the relevant staff including Moon.

The loss of job was not a big problem for moon. She had earned a lot and she also knew how the business was working. She would have gotten easily a job at another hotel, but she didn’t like the administrative work. She organised the business her own way. She hang out in hotel lobbies, restaurants and bars, watched the guests and spotted out single men. She approached them, they talked and often ended up in the bed. Moon hardly spoke English when she arrived at Bali. However through her work as prostitute she learned a bit of English and this was enough for her.

Headline met Moon at a coffee. She approached him, they talked a bit and ended up fucking. By then Moon had developed an additonal strategy how to make money. She realized that asking directly for money for sex was not the best methode to make money. She understood that when she became the girlfriend of a tourist while he was in Bali it was more luctrative for her. So she became the girlfriend of a tourist and principally did everything to make him happy during his vacation, including sex. In return she became, nice food in restaurants, evenings in discotheques, etc… and money. Why money, because when the man left Bali they gave her some money.

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