Ali and Mai

The next thing that was difficult to understand about Mai was that, she didn’t want to fuck with Ali anymore. My best friend was eager to fuck her on drugs, and asked to join us to the discotheque next time. However, my girlfriend rejected this, and said she had enough of him. It was fun to have sex with him once, and she liked my openness, that I let her have sex with my friend. But now, it is enough! When Ali was not accepting her “no” and pushed for more, she asked for the double price. This frustrated Ali and I was somehow, fascinated about their discussion, but they didn’t come together.

Ali picked up other girls and fucked them, but he always kept complaining about her surprising change. One day, he couldn’t resist any longer and accepted double pay. He therefore, wanted to fulfil one of his desires, and bandaged her. My girlfriend didn’t care, as long as he paid her. So she undressed, and asked me to stay. Ali simply bandaged her hands on her back, while she was lying on the bed.

Ali was lighted up, once she was fully under his control. He was full of triumph when she sucked him. He moaned loudly and shouted loud, “Suck me Baby.” Again and again, everybody could hear it. In the same way, he lets everyone know that he will fuck her now. He rammed his penis inside her, and banged her full speed from behind. He kept asking her if she liked it, and Mai loudly agreed. He rolled her over, to fuck her missionary. Both were extremely loud, until he came. Ali was done, and had difficulties to get enough air into his lung, while Mai just stood up to ask me to open her bandage. She looked hot, and I was pumped up with excitement. She kissed me and pulled me on the bed, where she sucked me so hard that I feared she would bite my dick. Then I fucked her and my friend watched us. I was full of excitement and energy. Watching my friend fucking my girlfriend was creating a high level of energy inside me. Now, I could release all this energy on my girl. She was still wet from fucking Ali, and my hard dick thrilled her for more. This time, Mai moaned, while I kept relatively quiet. Ali kept watching us and plaid with his dick. Yet, he didn’t get hard again.

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