It is hard to understand women, isn’t it?

Of course, I tried to understand more about the person I called my girlfriend. However, this communication turned out to be frustrating. Even though I got a few pieces out of her, it confused me. What I understood was something like that. She admitted to work as a freelancer prostitute from time to time. She did it also because of the money, but mainly because of the fun. That sounded strange to me, as I couldn’t understand how it could be fun to get fucked by an ugly, old man. But there seemed to be plenty of girls out there, who think the same way.

What I understood was that she liked to go out, and that she liked to dance in discotheques, where she gets adored by all the men. She liked her desperate looks, and she liked to play with them. About the sex, she seemed to not think too much anyway. As it was normal that men want to do dirty things – “Every woman knows that,” she often explained to me. So, her way to see it was to let them pay and then, just do what they wanted

Money was important to figure out how much a man really desired a woman, and of course, because it brought in much more than working at a restaurant.

I also found out that my new girlfriend was working as a photo model, from time to time. That was her great passion. Nevertheless, it was not a job that really kept her busy. From time to time, she was hired by an agency for fashion photos. Or, and that was happening more often, she was hired by a hobby photographer, who was on vacation and wanted to make some sexy pictures. She was not doing nude pictures, but she would pose in swimming or underwear, in front of the camera. She would reject posing naked because of her family. She was very eager for her family not to find out about anything bad she did.

All that didn’t make too much sense to me at that time, and instead of finding satisfying answers, I found more confusion. Then she even shocked me by admitting that she had another boyfriend. The term ‘boyfriend’ meant, to her, someone who doesn’t have to pay for sex – at least, that was my interpretation. The other guy was a former American soldier, who settled in Asia. He hired her at his company, and paid her extremely well. He was the one who taught her English, and he seemed to take care of her very well. I am sure he also fucked her well, and I guessed that was also his first intention when he hired her. He wanted to have a hot, easy going chick at his office, that was there for him whenever he got hard. But during the last months, the relationship was developing into a friendship as well.

While these stories were very confusing to me, I also found them to be very exciting again. So, we used to have great sex after such conversations. She also explained to me that her American boyfriend was teaching her different things than English, e.g. the Asian Cowgirl position. In this position, the man is laying on his back, and the woman rides him. He was a GM of a big hotel and so, he could easily access empty rooms. If possible, he would bring my girlfriend to the president suit. He would lay her down on the master bed, and let my girl ride him in the Asian Cowgirl position until he was coming. He always got big glassy eyes when he watched her jumping up and down his dick. He would train her like a monkey got trained for the zoo. In a same way, he would train her to ride his cock, again and again. After I heard the story, I was starting to understand why my girl was so good at it.

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