It is all about excitement

I was totally lost about the happenings of the last two days. On one side, I felt bad because I started a relationship with a bad girl. She was a hooker, who got regularly abused by fat and ugly sex tourists, who paid her to have fun at the discotheque and fuck her at their hotel rooms. What kind of looser was I, to start a relationship with such a woman?

Even worse, was that I first thought that I might be the only man for my girlfriend. How embarrassing was it to see an old, fat sex tourist getting sucked by my lovely girlfriend, before he puts his dick inside her pussy to fuck her. But even worse, was that my best friend bought my lovely girlfriend too. He enjoyed fucking her in the ass, while I was smoking outside. What kind of man was I?

On the other side, I felt as excited as I’ve never felt before, in my life. First, I couldn’t understand why. What did really happen the last two days? I met an Asian hooker and fucked her. Then I watched her getting fucked by a sex tourist, and finally, she was fucked in the ass by my friend. Something like this  happened and was not worth being mentioned. So, why did I feel so excited? It took me some time to think about it and finally, I understood. It had to do with my previous relationships, and the fact that I lost my interest in my girlfriends very quickly. Those relationships got boring very soon. When we met, we were excited. We wanted to have each other. But after we had sex, this excitement was gone and with it, the relationship.

This time, it was different; I had sex with her, and I kept being interested because I knew that I didn’t fully know her, and that she kept her secret sides. When I then discovered her secrete sides, I got even more excited about them. I entered a new world, which I didn’t know would even exist. Not the bright side of my girlfriend, that she kept showing me, to attract me. It was the dark side of her that blew my mind.

She was so fucking hot, and this excited me. Obviously, she excited not only me, but also other men. However, this didn’t bother me. I understood that for me, it was all about excitement. I needed an exciting partner. One who kept surprising me all the time. However, I also started to understand the price I would have to pay for that. The fat, ugly guy from last night, and my ass-fucking friend, won’t keep quiet about what happened. They will tell the story of their hot holiday fuck to their friends. Why? – Because they were so excited to have met that hot chick and just fucked her. Again, excitement – it will spread their stories from one person to another. While it won’t bother me with the old, fat guy from last night, it might bother me with my best friend. What should I do when he will tell everyone that he fucked my girlfriend in the ass for cash? Will I say that she was just a vacation fuck for me too? Will I tell some hot stories about my relationship with her either? This would result in being seen as a sexual hero by my friends, and to be looked up to. They would see nothing strange about that. Most likely, they will think that we both had a great time on our vacation.

But how boring is that story? Boring like a porn movie you’ve watched, over and over again. This story would bring everything in order again, and would keep anyone in his comfort zone. But, I can decide differently. I could say that my girlfriend is a hooker. That I would not pay for having sex with her compared with other men. I would say that I have no idea where this relationship would end, but that I felt incredibly excited being with her.

Nevertheless, I had to ask myself one more question: Who was she? I really didn’t know her.

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