My Best Friend (2/2)

I felt that she was a bit shocked by my openness, and her eyes became glassy. I didn’t mind to be direct; even though I might have hurt her feelings. She could have told me everything from the beginning. Then we would not have this situation. She zipped from her coke and then replied that she would be happy to spend some private time with my friend if he would pay for it. She looked deep into my eyes by saying this, and I knew that she wanted to get my attention on the fact that she never asked me to pay her money. I confirmed that this was his idea, and that she should work out the details with him directly. Then we continued our meal.

After lunch, we went back to the small bungalow, which I shared with my friend. Initially, I didn’t plan to go back after the lunch. However, as we didn’t have other plans, it was simply the only thing to do. I also have to admit that even though there were other things we could have done, none of them was so exciting than going back to my bungalow, to bring my girl to my friend. I was sure that we both felt this way. I could see the smile on my girl’s face. For her, that was a special client as well.

Once we arrived, I saw the big smile on my friend’s face too. Even though she was a hooker, she was a bit shy, and also had problems on how to handle this special situation. I left her with my friend and sat down in front of the bungalow, to smoke a cigarette. I could hear them a bit. First, they talked and then, I heard them taking a shower. I heard them laughing, from time to time, and I felt excited. I didn’t know if what we did was good or bad. But I knew that this relationship was by far, more exciting than every other relationship I had.

I heard them fucking. Especially my friend, who was extra loud, and so everyone could hear that he was fucking an extreme hot chick. That was his style, and I realized that he would certainly tell everyone about this extremely hot chick once we were back in Germany. But it was as it was, and I just lighted up a new cigarette. It got silent inside the bungalow, and the door opened. My friend came out, wearing only a towel around his hips, to at least cover his genitals. Then, he sat down next to me, and asked for a cigarette.

I heard the shower and knew it was my girlfriend. My friend was still highly excited, and told me that he fucked her in the ass, and that he never had such a great anal experience before. She sucks like an angel, but her ass was phenomenal. Even though her hips were really tiny, he had no issue gliding his penis inside her. She definitely had anal sex, several times before, he explained to me. I just finished my cigarette and agreed with him, by adding that she did everything to everyone.

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