My Best Friend (1/2)

Now, the truth was out. I felt bad and disappointed the next day. Especially because it was time to tell my friend about the true profession of my girlfriend. He told me before, that he heard rumors, that my girlfriend was fucking for cash, but I didn’t believe him, and thought he was jealous. So, I told him everything that happened the next morning. I felt like a looser, admitting that my girlfriend was a hooker. Out of my disappointment, I told him that I would end the relationship. But he couldn’t understand my decision, as everything was anyway, only for fun, and I didn’t even have to pay for the sex.

I thought about it and started to relax. But then, my friend added something that stressed me again. He openly said that if my girl was a prostitute, then he would also like to hire her. He continued his sexual phantasy by asking me if I knew how much she would charge for sex. The idea that my best friend would buy the woman I regarded as my girlfriend, stressed and excited me. On one side, I would have liked to punch my friend in his balls. How could he have the idea to fuck my girl? But on the other side, things were as they were. My girl was fucked by every ugly bastard that paid her. So, if I would like to go on with this fun relationship, I would have to accept things as they were.

I decided to let my worries go. The situation was as it was, and I could live with it and have fun, or run away. But what could I lose? Her business was her business. So I told my girlfriend about my friend’s desire. She was actually very sorry about what happened the night before – the drugs she used and the sex she had with the old guy. But by the time we talked, I had already made peace with everything and so, I told her that it is better this way. I know now, what she was doing, and I am fine with it. Then I dropped the desire of my friend, and told her that he would also like to spend some private time with her.

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