Bali Love – How I met my future wife (4/4)

As soon as I stood next to them, he apologized and explained that he thought I was gone and so, he wanted to take over the bitch. Somehow, I didn’t feel offended about his comments. He was right anyway, and it became clear to me that my girl was probably often picked up by a guy like him. She was a hooker, and she probably fucked plenty of times after she took a drug. As I learned before, men paid for the drugs so that they could use the girl in whatever way they wanted. I would do that too, and my girl looked extremely sexy; so it was clear that some men wanted to use this opportunity.

I had a long conversation with him, and he openly told me that he would pick up, every night, a different girl from this place, and fucked her in his room. He stayed at the luxury hotel where the discotheque belonged to, and told me that this was a great place to meet freelancers. My girlfriend was done. She didn’t care about anything anymore. She danced with me and the old guy, who happily used this opportunity to touch her breasts and butt. I didn’t care as well. Everything was as it was, and the alcohol helped me to accept the fact that my girl was a hooker. Finally, we went to his room, which was close by. It was true.

My girl simply did everything that she was told to do. She undressed and went with the old guy for a shower. When I entered his bathroom, she was already kneeing in front of him and sucked him. Just like that. As soon as I stood close to her, she sucked me too. We fucked her in the bath room before we moved to the bedroom and fucked her there. We didn’t really make a threesome, as either the old guy or I was fucking her. We did doggy style and missionary, on the bed, with her. The old guy came first and then, I fucked her harder and came too. Everything was relaxed. It was as it was, and she was who she was. The old guy paid her, and we left.

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