W (1/5)

I was pretty nervous on the way to the W hotel. I told Rosie, not everything, about the conversation I had with John. Only that we will meet him at his hotel, and have a drink together. So, I had no clue if anything, that I told John, would work. But I didn’t care. First, there was the alcohol and second, there were those weeks of stress and fear behind me. I just wanted to take things as they were. And there was more. Back at the Neptune, I was horny, and wanted to provoke John with my offer to watch us fucking. But now, I don’t feel horny at all. I worried if it is O.K. with me? I have no problem letting John watch us fucking. Maybe Rosie has. But I don’t think so. But, he wants to fuck her as well.

I had to think about my idea to let Rosie earn money, to pay back her debts. She was too stupid to get a normal job. I was thinking that she would only have chances to earn money by fucking other men. Back then, I had a problem with the idea that my wife fucks strangers for cash. But now, I would even be there when she gets fucked. Could I do that? I liked seeing him watching my wife. However, could I watch him fucking her? And ….how about the money? I didn’t tell him that he had to pay if he would fuck my wife. And, I also didn’t know how much? Finally, I decided to let it go. I don’t know, and I can’t control it. Let’s see what will happen. Anyway, we are all drunk. Especially Rosie doesn’t know too much anymore. So, I succeeded to relax and enjoy the rest of the taxi drive, with a certain excitement.

Once John opened the door to his room, I realized that we have another problem. I calmed down during the taxi drive, but John was nervous as hell. Let’s have a drink, I suggested, and John happily accepted. Rosie didn’t understand too much, and I think she was too drunk to realize that John was nervous. John’s room had a small couch at the window, opposite of the entrance. I was pointing at the table, and John took some drinks out of the mini bar, and moved toward the table. The room was small, even at the W. Typical for Hong Kong. 3 people had difficulties to move between the bed and the working table.

Finally, I reached the couch and enjoyed an amazing view. Hong Kong was so beautiful at night. I took some of the small bottles, and mixed Rosie a strong drink. After a while drinking and talking boring stuff, John and I relaxed. The party succeeded to reach the previous stage at the Neptune. I started to feel really great and horny. Anyway, after all, it was a great day, and the view of John’s room made me feel even greater. Rosie was drunk already, and I worried if it was too much alcohol for her.

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