John (2/2)

“Where is your hotel anyway?” “It’s the W,” he replied. “W? Not too bad,” I praised. They must have nice rooms there, I asked myself. I felt horny, and my dick was getting a little bit hard. My eyes found Rosie and especially, her bum. She was wearing a sexy short skirt, her legs were free, and I remembered how great it felt fucking her from behind.

Normally, we did it at home, at our apartment. That’s getting a little bit boarding. Maybe we should try a new location? Like? Like the W hotel? Maybe I can fuck her in John’s room. But can I ask him? He might get pretty shocked? But it would be fun to see his face. He looked so horny anyway, and he was often staring on Rosie’s legs. However, he could fuck her too, if he pays her. Rosie was anyway, fucking everyone for money. So, how about John?

Ah, give it a try. He will leave soon anyway. “John? John?” I called him and gave him a sign to come closer to me. Then I whispered in his ear, “I feel horny. Can I come to your hotel and fuck Rosie there?” Boom! That sentence hit deep. His eyes opened wide and this time, my sexual provocation seems to be too much. Suddenly, I realized that he felt bad. He felt taken by surprise by my approach. As if he was a nobody who was only good for providing the room for strangers to have fun. But he was horny, and wanted to have fun as well. “Maybe Rosie doesn’t mind if you stay in the room and watch us?” I hoped that would please his bad feelings a little bit.

It seemed to work. He at least, looked interested to Rosie. For sure, he was thinking how it might look, seeing her getting fucked by me. She would be naked, so he would see everything. But suddenly, he realized that I realized that he was staring at my wife, and felt shy or bad. I poured more oil into his fire, hoping that he could feel more man-like.  “Maybe you can join us? There might be a way.” I said, and to show my seriousness, I let my hand glide over Rosie’s leg, who was sitting opposite to him. His eyes got glassy and red, as he would start to cry immediately. He looked up to me and smiled. “Well, now or never,” and by saying this, my hand went between her legs, towards her pussy. “Give me your phone number, and leave approximately 30 minutes after I leave with my colleague” he whispered to me.

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