John (1/2)

I feel great. The first time after weeks of trouble. We are having a little party at the Neptune Discotheque. We, that means Rosie, me and two guys we met at the Neptune. Both Americans, and on a business trip to Hong Kong. The trade fare is running, and so the Neptune is crowed with foreigners. The last weeks, after it turned out that Rosie borrowed almost 20000 US$ which she couldn’t pay back, were terrible. Both of us had many fights, and a solution for this problem was not in sight. I don’t care anymore. Its Rosie’s issue. Why should I ruin my life, because of her stupidity? Now, everything is fine.

We are greatly enjoying ourselves. I found a nice guy to chat with. His name was John. He was here because of the trade fair, and he seems to be pretty open minded. At least, we were very soon coming to my favorite topic – Sex. It started when I realized that he was looking very intensively on the skinny leg of Rosie, and his eyes became glassy. I liked that. Made me proud that I have such a beautiful wife, and I could see how jalousie he was. I further provoked his mind by telling him how great it was to fuck Asian ladies. First, he was a little bit shy. Maybe shocked about my direct comment. But he quickly recovered, and looked even hornier.

It was great. We could make many nice pictures, drinking and cheering to each other. Suddenly, John asked if I mind, if he goes dancing with my wife. I didn’t mind, as she looked pretty board anyway. I made some pictures of them dancing, and tried to have the same sex related conversation with John’s colleagues. But it sadly turned out that he was not so open and so, I stopped approaching him.

Once John and Rosie came back from the dance floor, I continued the fun talk with him again. Soon, I realized that something was wrong with him and so, I asked him if everything is O.K. He wasn’t clear, but somehow, regretted to have brought his colleague, as he seemed to be some kind of boarding person. “Why don’t you let him go and I show you Hong Kong at night?” John’s eyes opened widely when he heard my offer. That was definitely something he was interested in. “But I have to bring my colleague to the hotel. It would look bad if I leave him alone. He could think I would like to go with one of the hookers here.” Neptune was famous for having all kind of girls. “Then we can meet later again. Drop him, and come back,” I suggested.

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