How to deal with debts (3/3)

Why does this matter? Because we all have big wishes and therefore, want to get as much as possible. Rosie was not able to give a lot because of her missing education and therefore, she couldn’t get much out of the system. This was a problem to her, as she also had big dreams after she married Christoph. Hereby, she could give more, as she was good looking and was an experienced sex worker. But due to her marriage, she was hindered to do that, and so, she was in a miserable situation too.

The trust between Christopher and Rosie was gone as this was not the first time Rosie had money problem. Christopher had no more trust in her, as he helped his wife many times, and she often lied to him. He realized that he was fouled all the time, and let Rosie fall. They didn’t divorce because of their kid, but from that moment on, everyone was responsible only for him or herself – the relationship broke.

Rosie had to work as a prostitute to earn about 20.000US$ she owed her friends and she went through some hard time. The friends, who borrowed the money to her, were her old friends that worked as part time hookers. They made had a lot of pressure on Rosie to pay them back the money. Their hope, to get easily paid from her husband, was gone. So they made sure that Rosie was 7 days a week in Wan Chai, selling her body.

Christopher took care of his kid at night, when his wife was working. However, during the weekend afternoons, he spent it on Shenzhen, where it was cheap for him to buy sex. He wanted to enjoy sex massages or short time girls, as he won his freedom back.

Rosie and Christopher didn’t have sex with each other anymore. Rosie wanted to seduce Christopher to win him back, but he was so pissed that he refused her. Nevertheless, this relaxed the situation and weeks past. Rosie could pay back 1000 – 2000US$ per week, and steadily, things improved again.

Finally, Rosie succeeded in seducing Christopher, and they had occasional sex again. However, Christopher fucked her like a hooker, and even used a condom. At the beginning, Rosie didn’t understand the full impact her 20.000 US$ debts made, but now, as she lost her husband and had to work hard to earn back the money, she regretted it. She did everything to please Christoph.

Everyone has a sexual dark side. Now, Christoph was living it, and used Rosie and Chinese hooker to satisfy his dark phantasies. Rosie had her dark side too, and was living it as being a hooker who served for money. She promised him that he could have all the hookers he wanted for his entire life, if he comes back to her.

At the end, they had an open relationship; so both could fuck whoever they wanted, but together, they would take care of their kid. In this way, they could live with each other and their relationship improved, while they were financially and sexually independent.

Then they started to go out again together, in Wan Chai, and I received the following report.

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