How to deal with debts (2/3)

However, Rosie had already worked, almost three years, as part time sex worker, and she had past most of the problems beginners were facing. So e.g. she didn’t feel disgust anymore, and she told me that she also had a lot of fun. She liked being with her girlfriends, who also worked as hookers, and drink and talk with them.

She also told me that she was introduced to this business by her girlfriends. The beginning was very hard for her, but she was in a new city, and she could earn a lot of money by sleeping with men. Especially coming from a poor country like Philippines, she was excited about the money that was paid to her. So she spent her free time hanging out at bars and discotheques, to find her clients. She also thought that it was wrong; however, she liked the money and never could earn that money somewhere else.

Especially because she was very beautiful, she was often approached by men, and she could find many clients. I made a basic calculation. She worked as part time prostitute for about 3 years. Her free time was limited to 1-2 days a week, and so she served about 3 clients a week, on average. She was not sure about that, and told me that it was changing from weekend to weekend, but about 3 would be appropriate. This would mean that during the three years she worked as a prostitute, she slept with about 450 men. This figure doesn’t have to be precise. I just wanted to line out that she had already had plenty of experience in this job before she met Christopher.

For Christopher, Rosie was a lovely girl he fell in love with. He knew she worked as a hooker, but he thought Rosie could stop doing that dirty job. He thought that he rescued her from prostitution, and thought that he did something very wonderful to her, that she should thank him. But instead, she only created problems.

I hate to destroy the romance of a couple, and I don’t want to say that love doesn’t matter. Love is very important, and maybe the most important thing on earth. Maybe it is even more important than money? But in this world, you simply need money to buy staff. Thinking bad about it doesn’t help. Generally speaking, money is a form of energy that helps us to trade goods and services with other people. In a very simple way, we all give something to other people and therefore, receive money, which we use to get somethings from other people. The question is, what can we give and how much do we get? The less you give, the less you can take.

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