How to deal with debts (1/3)

As you could read above, Christopher was mad. The situation was so difficult. Christopher saw no possibility to continue the relationship, but he also feared a divorce that threatened his relationship with his kid. I talked a lot with both individually, to try to understand them. Christopher complained that his wife always created problems.

Every month, she came up with another heartbreaking story why she needed money. Very often, she asked for money for her family. Someone got sick, and needed money to pay the doctor. An accident happened with the motorbike, or some kid needed money for books. Christoph was frustrated to hear all these stories, again and again. He already told her to stop, and to get her finances in order. She also promised this to him, but she always broke her promise. Even if Christoph would have had the 20000 US$, it would be a huge amount of money for him, and he expected that nothing would change. Even if he would pay the debts for his wife, she would make new debts, and he would end up paying for them.

Also, he realized that his wife was simply pushing all her problems to him. She didn’t think about the consequences of her actions, and always took the simplest and easiest way out. So her problems, especially her financial problems, ended up with him. This was no situation he could continue. So, paying the 20000 US$ was not an option for him. It would destroy him, sooner or later.

He was earning OK, so his salary was actually enough for his family, even though Rosie didn’t work. However, due to the problems his wife created, they struggled. Rosie was not the kind of woman that would have great options on the job market. She had almost no qualification or education. So would only have the choice to earn very little money. This situation is very common among bar girls. Most of them lack proper education, and have to decide to work, e.g. at a convenient shop, for little money, or as a prostitute for the big cash.

In Rosie’s case, she made her decision already, a long time before she met Christoph. She decided to work as a part time prostitute. So in a way, she had a qualification, but one that was not appreciated. I know it sounds odd; nevertheless, we have to be transparent here. Is prostitution a qualification? Now, let’s go back to our initial question that a woman had to choose between a simple job, with little money, or a work as a prostitute for big money. Is it easy to work as a prostitute? To answer this question, you might ask yourself why is every woman not selling sex for cash, even as it’s paying very well. Obviously, it is not so easy, and most women feel disgust about the idea to work as a hooker.

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