How can my wife make money?

I met my wife when she was working as a freelance. Rosie was good looking and had a great body. But she never had a normal job where she earned regular money. So there was no way she could earn enough money to pay back her friends. She could never handle a normal job. We tried it, but she was fired all the time. She simply was too lazy and lacked disciple. So what was she going to do?

She is hot and sexy, and the easiest way for a girl that is hot and sexy to make money is to fuck other men. But would she do it? Sure, she worked as a freelancer before. I guess she lied to me and took money wherever she could. Most likely, she was fucking other men for cash once I am at work. So, it could be that my wife worked as a hooker even when I didn’t know anything. I am so pissed. But what can I do?

Should I pay her debts? No way! Am I stupid? If I pay her debts, I’ll work my ass off, and she will most likely make more debts somewhere else. She would hope that I will pay them back as well. Just as a total foul. So, she has to earn the money. However, she only can make money fucking men. But how can this work?

Should I let her work as a freelancer again? I don’t know. How can I ensure that all the men wear a condom? Should I allow my friends to fuck her as well? Could I let a friend fuck my wife? I don’t know? Too much hazards. Then people will talk about it, and maybe rumors will spread. So they have to be strangers. Should a stranger fuck my wife?

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