Debt Problems

A bad surprise hit me when I arrived home. I was just coming home from work, and wanted to relax. However, when I arrived home, I was already expected. My wife’s friend welcomed me with bad news. Rosie borrowed money from her and other friends. It was a lot of money, almost 20.000US$. Since months, Rosie failed to pay the money back to her friends. I was so shocked and felt so scared – so much money. Who was so stupid to borrow my dump wife so much money? And for which reason did she borrowed the money? It would take years to pay it back. But what I heard next made me even sicker.

Rosie explained that she gave the money to her family, because they wanted to build up a business. They rented a small boutique, and tried to make some money by selling fashion stuff.  However, after 6 months, they were out of business as they could not pay the rent anymore. I was not surprised at all. The family of my wife was absolutely no business people. They always were short of money as they couldn’t handle it.

“I want my money back,” my wife’s friend said loudly. I was deeply inside  shock and coma, and I couldn’t say too much. I needed time to digest this. But one thing was clear to me. I don’t know how she will make this amount of money? But Rosie will make this money by herself. I won’t pay for her stupidity. She didn’t even ask me. How can somebody give her so much money?

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