Sex is important to us. Men need air to breath, water to drink, food to eat, and women to have sex with. There would be no life without sex, so it is absolutely true to say that sex is among the 4 most important things on earth. This also shows how important women are to men.

Women are wonderful. They give birth to us, they grow us up, and provide us with love through out our live. They also do something else, which is very special to us men. They give us sex. While the first attributes are commonly seen as positive, if we talk about sex, everything is getting more complex. Many rules were developed to categorize women as good or bad. It all depends if they follow the rules or not. But as sex is adored by men, they needed women they could just use to satisfy their sexual needs. Even though those women were important to men, they classified them as bad women. Until in recent times, a new kind of man developed. Men who were open enough to understand those women and therefore, didn’t classify them as bad. Those men were even willing to marry those bad girls and start a family with them.

Love is a complicated and complex thing, and this is true for every love between men and women. The love between a man and a prostitute is however, different. It is exciting, but also from a different nature. I had to experience it by myself. As a young man, I fell in love with a prostitute and married her. During the years of our marriage, we had many problems and so, I learnt about the particular problems involved in this type of love. This enabled me to help friends, who were in a similar situation, and had problems with their wives. Hereby, I could solve many problems, and help my friends to have a successful marriage and family.

However, I don’t want to stop here, but go on and help further people with their marriage, and so, I am writing to you. Hopefully, the knowledge and experience I’ll share will help you. But if you have further questions, please contact

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