Steward III (3/3)

“I sucked his penis and he enjoyed it. His hand slid over my body and then he asked me if I realized that he paid for my full service this time. I looked bedside the table and indeed, I saw that there was a lot more money than the last time, and a condom was there as well. Everything happened so fast. He asked me not to be shy. He paid for more and so, he wanted to taste my pussy while I sucked him. That was ok for me and I was happy to get more money.” Vanta took a break for a moment and I thought this to be typical her. Everything was alright as long as she got paid more.

She went on, “Oh, it felt so good and I think I even orgasmed in his face. Also, his dick felt so good.” “How did he fuck you?” I asked, as I had to know it. Listening to Vanta made me hard. She told me, without any hesitation, that he first fucked her missionary and then, she was riding him till he was coming. She didn’t say it but I was certain that she orgasmed again. A second time, probably while she was riding him. I was jealous as he seemed to fuck her in a way that I never did. She never had two orgasms with me. Anyway, I didn’t feel guilty as I was supposed to even though I saw that another man was doing things I couldn’t do. Why should I feel bad about it?

She was a fucking bitch. So why should I give a shit about if she orgasmed or not? Or how many orgasms she had? But still, this was not the reason why I didn’t feel guilty about my weaker performance. I knew Vanta. She was turned on by the desire of the old man to fuck her. To be the star for a man turned her on like anything. This made her wet and created the orgasms. That’s why men love her. She was hot, beautiful and loved to fuck men that adored her. That turned her on. To be adored and to have an adventure, with benefit, made her weak.

“He kept my underwear,” Vanta went on to explain why she returned half naked to our room. Somehow, I knew already, what was coming next. He liked to keep her G-string as a souvenir and as he paid for her underwear, it was O.K. for my girlfriend.

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