Steward III (2/3)

She was putting a G-string on and I realized that she was in her underwear, and looked even more sexy without it. For the top, she took a simple t-shirt. But that simple t-shirt even added to her beauty. It was covering her underwear and so it looked as if she could be naked easily under the t-shirt, which made me think automatically about sex. She checked herself in the mirror and even used a bit of perfume. All that stuff only for the old jerk? I thought to myself as she was leaving the room.

As soon as she left the room, I had to think again about last night. Our bar was visited by three more guys. I counted how many men my girlfriend had the last day. She blew Steward in the morning, she blew Mike in the afternoon and she fucked him in the evening. Then, while I was editing her porn pictures that she made with Mike, she was walking around at the hotel and found another hotel guest that she brought to our bar. It didn’t take long for her to get paid for a blow job by him. However, she still didn’t have enough. So she went down again and waited at the lobby for other hotel guests to return from bars or nightclubs. Finally, she returned with two friends who wanted to have a good night drink at our bar. They had their good night drink and a good night blow job before they left. However, all that didn’t seem to bother Vanta. For her, that was just so exciting.

Whene my girlfriend returned from seeing the old guy, her look had changed. Especially her hairs; they were crowded but they also looked more electrolyzed. I might be wrong about that, but also, Vanta’s face and her body language were full of energy. She looked very slutty and I loved it. I thought she didn’t even realize it. I asked myself if somebody saw her like that and what he/she might have thought about her – a young woman who was walking around only in a t-shirt, with a bundle of money in her hands. It was so obvious what was going on and Vanta didn’t even try to cover it. She totally didn’t mind.  Maybe she even wanted to show off with that money? But then, I realized that she simply didn’t have anything to store the money in.

She explained that the old guy wanted more this time. I was confused for a moment, but then, I understood. He fucked her. I realized that as I got excited. She let herself fall next to me on the bed and this action partly removed her t-shirt. I steered at her naked vagina and got really shocked. ”Where is your underwear?” I asked her as if I couldn’t believe what I saw.

“I went inside his room the same way as yesterday. I used the room card he gave me. He was asleep on the bed and I saw the money on the bedside table. I got a wet towel and climbed on the bed to crawl under his blanket. Then I cleaned his wiener and took it into my mouth.” Vanta sounded like a little child that tried to tell her parents that what happened was not her fault.

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