Steward III (1/3)

I got woken up by the alarm clock. First, I didn’t understand why there should be an alarm clock anyway. In a way, it reminded me about my old life. The life I had when I was living and working in my home country. Back then, I had an alarm clock ringing every day. But now, since I was living in Thailand, I didn’t have to use one anymore.

Suddenly, it came to my mind that it was Vanta’s alarm clock. She set it up to visit Steward again. The old guy wanted to have a morning blow job. One day ago, she visited him already in the morning and blew him. However, even though the alarm clock was set up to wake up Vanta, she was not waking up. She was sleeping very deeply, and I thought this had to do with the amount of sex she had the last day. Especially last night; it was her new record. She had blown three guys. So I asked myself if she was alright.

I looked at her, and realized that she’s got enough of the annoying alarm clock ringing repeatedly. She looked all right, I thought to myself. But as you never could know how a woman feels, you should not judge her from the outside. So I asked her how she felt and she responded quietly, “I slept so good.” This wasn’t really an answer to my question, but I let it go and came directly to the point. “Was it O.K? I mean last night?” and I added after a while, “Was it about the many guys?” She opened her eyes. Somehow, my question must have touched her this time. She seemed to remember what happened and while she stared at me, I thought about the scenes of last night too. “Oh that!” she replied. “That was so exciting. I still feel energized about last night. So much fire that needed to get deleted,” she said and my mouth dropped open.

“I have to go,” she said, as if she had almost forgotten her appointment with Steward. She was rushing into the shower and I thought to myself, I liked the fact that she showered before visiting Steward. He might not care as he simply wanted to get blown, but Vanta and I did. I liked the fact that she was clean and that she took care of herself. She liked to be attractive all the time and I liked that too. As soon as she returned from the shower, I watched her closely again. She looked fresh and hot. She showered and brushed her hairs. Her hairs were not wet, so she didn’t wash them. But still, they were looking nice and beautiful.

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