Mike and Vanta Photo Shooting (3/3)

I got my camera and quickly explained its functions to Mike. He didn’t really listen to what I told him. Vanta was changing her outfit next to him and he was more interested in watching her striptease. Nevertheless, as every idiot could use a camera to make simple pictures, I thought it wouldn’t matter.

The first scenes made a poor impression. Both were still too nervous. Especially Mike, he was confused about the situation and couldn’t really tell Vanta what to do. When she realized that he would hardly guide her, she took over and decided the poses. So she kept changing her body in different forms and Mike was just photographing her. It looked cool now and it was obvious that she has posed often as a model before. She knew exactly what a model had to do to look great.

After a while, Mike focused more on her G-string than on her overall appearance. Vanta supported this in a way by choosing poses that showed her pussy, which was not fully covered by the tiny G-string. It was time for more. She spread her legs and started to move the tiny material, which the G-string provided, aside so Mike could shoot her pussy. Mike’s excitement drastically increased. She made a knot into her school uniform shirt so that her belly button could be seen. This looked so much sexier than before. To make her impression even more perfect, she opened some buttons of her shirt so that her naked breasts could be seen. Mike willingly followed her moves and made plenty of pictures.

Once he came very close to her, she touched his trousers to check for his penis. Mike was wearing a simple short and a t-shirt. His trousers were swelling and Vanta kept on massaging his meat. She wanted more and she sensed that he wanted that too. He got too excited and couldn’t resist anymore. Of course I knew this was not the first time that she seduced a photographer. I could still remember the story that Fred told me. Vanta once seduced a Japanese photographer during a photo shooting just as she’s now seduced Mike in front of my eyes.

Mike was whispering some words and I enjoyed watching the couple playing their erotic games. Vanta just looked into his eyes and said “blow job?” My girlfriend’s hand already glided inside his pants and massaged his penis. Mike got electrified by Vanta’s hand touching his penis. He seemed to be so unprotected as my girlfriend could easily pass his trousers and reach his erected wiener. This move ultimately made Mike to lose control and gave him the rest. He couldn’t resist anymore. Speechless, he agreed by simple moving his head up and down.

Vanta knelt in front of him, pushed his pants down, and a highly erected penis jumped right in her direction, as if he couldn’t wait to get blown by her anymore. She didn’t hesitated a second and took him into her mouth. No cleaning as usual. She blew the dirty dick back and forth. Mike lost control and was just staring down at her.

It was a great scene for me and I also couldn’t resist taking my penis into my hand and jerk him gently. I needed the energy which my penis developed plenty of, while I was watching them. The energy was just beautiful and clean. Moment for moment, I enjoyed it and harvested plenty of sexual energy which enlightened my entire body.

Mike got back his control and continued making photographs. He was pointing towards Vanta’s face, which was busy with his dick, and he made many pictures of her sucking him. Vanta didn’t mind it. Mike continued shooting pictures until he was coming. Even then, he didn’t stop and went on making photographs of how he shot his white load on Vanta’s face.

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