Mike and Vanta Photo Shooting (2/3)

Again, his eyes were talking to me. They were fascinated about what they saw. Vanta knew that movie. It was made out of the first pictures I made with her. Back then, we hardly knew each other; nevertheless, I made some cool nude pictures with her. Later, I edited them into a slideshow-style movie. Actually, there’s nothing special if I would compare this movie to the movies I downloaded. Those downloaded porn movies were much harder. The movie I edited was just made out of soft erotic pictures. Still, his eyes told me that he loved them. He loved them because they showed Vanta. He was simply not used to sit next to a sexy girl who sucked him a day ago and who also made sexy nude pictures. For him, that must have been like a dream world.

Vanta felt his eyes staring at her. She checked our drinks and then, stood up to get more beer. Once she returned, she did not sit down in her arm chair again. She sat down on the couch next to Mike, like a hunter who was getting closer to his prey. I knew that she knew that Mike was already hot. I assumed she saw him as a low hanging fruit which was easy to pick. The question here was what kind of job would he give to her and I was not sure if Mike even knew that yet. Did he come to us with a clear phantasy that he wanted to get fulfilled, or was he just here to go fishing and see what would happen? As Vanta was sitting next to him now, Mike could only watch her nude pictures. It would have been too obvious if he decides to move his head towards Vanta to watch her. But I guessed as Vanta was sitting so close to him, he could feel her presence. Even though they might not have touched each other yet, nevertheless, the electricity between them was reaching already a new level. I could feel that, but I couldn’t watch either of them. From my angle, I couldn’t see what was going on, so I thought it might be a good idea to take a piss and let them alone for a moment.


Once I returned, they were already in a discussion and Vanta’s hand was sliding over his dick. I sat down on an armchair and tried to create the impression that I am not interested in their discussion as I didn’t want to disturb them. I could understand however, that Mike asked Vanta about the nude pictures. Mike just wanted to try to shoot such pictures by himself as he has never done that before. Vanta was happily offering herself as his nude model and she just told him that he could keep the nude pictures he was making. But when she told him her model fee for that kind of job, it became clear that this was too much for him. He just wanted to try it out to have some fun; however, he didn’t want to keep the pictures with him. In this case, Vanta agreed to a much lower price and Mike happily accepted.


Both walked to Vanta’s wardrobe and Mike was looking through her cloth to pick some pieces he liked. He chose only two that he seemed to adore a lot. One was a white shirt that Vanta still had from her last school days. In Thailand, kids wear a school uniform and the white shirt was part of her last school uniform. The second piece of cloth was a very tiny G-string.

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