Mike and Vanta Photo Shooting (1/3)

Suddenly, somebody was at our door. Vanta was opening it and greeted Mike. He was back for more, I thought to myself. He had been here one day ago and Vanta blew him. This time, I would like to know more about him; so we sat down at the couch area of the living room part of our studio. Vanta was getting us two beers and I started to ask him questions. It was his first time in Pattaya and he came from Denmark.

He was a bit irritated at the beginning that I talked to him, but once Vanta returned with our beers, it was getting better. After asking him several questions, he told me that he went out last night and visited some bars. He didn’t seem to be willing to talk about it in front of Vanta, but I kept asking him and finally, he told us that he brought a girl back last night. He met her at a go-go bar and paid her bar fine. Then they went back to his hotel.

Initially, he didn’t want to tell us this, so I rewarded him by congratulating him that he had two women in one day. He smiled shyly first, and Vanta looked irritated at me. “And now, you are back for more,” I said, full of respect of his sexual potency. He reacted by looking shyly and proudly. There was so much irony in this scene. Like to me and most men, it was clear that he came back to us for more sex, but he didn’t want to tell us this right away. Even my girlfriend blew him already and the ice was broken. Now that I’ve openly talked about sex with him, he felt relieved that I understood him and it ensured him once again, that I didn’t mind that he had sex with my girlfriend.

I slightly switched the topic and asked him if he liked to watch some of my private porn movies. I remembered that he was watching a normal, Thai porn movie the other day. a simple one, I downloaded from the internet. So far, I didn’t show him my private movies. He confirmed his interest and I put one of my self-made porn movies on the TV. One I made with a prostitute I picked up at the Beach Promenade. He was impressed and excited watching it. I showed him two more of my privately made movies, that again I made with women from the promenade and he watched them quietly. Only his eyes were talking to me a bit, as they were often switching from my porn movies to Vanta – back and forth. I understood what his eyes were telling me, “Do you also have a movie of your girlfriend as well?” So I gave him what his eyes demanded and I put a movie of Vanta on the screen.

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